Putin to the world; I know who created ISIS

Putin to the world; I know who created ISIS

We attack Putin for wrongdoings, when in fact, he is simply responding to overly aggressive and invasive actions by the U.S government. Compared Crime Inc, AKA the US congress, Putin is a saint.  The video below is quite revealing for it shows how our media in the US manipulates and distorts information so as to provide a completely false picture and use this to justify their barbaric deeds.  Putin asks a very important question. Who armed ISIS, who provided them with the Network to grow so fast. Who is buying the oil they are selling and how come no sanctions are  being applied to those countries that buy this oil.   We would like to add one question; how come ISIS is targeting Christian and non-Muslim groups; the Yazidis in Iraq and the orthodox Christians in Syria.

It seems that the US Congress, the banking sector and the media have been infiltrated and are now agents that serve a different master. Insane McCain is seen walking around with wanted terrorists and no charges are filed against him. Clinton sends out top secret information over an unsecured server and walks away scot free. If any regular American did this, they would be behind bars by now. It is time to clean the house and these lying sacks of crap need to hung and left to rot in some remote location for the pain and suffering they have brought to the American people. Finally, it appears that the U.S played  a major role to play in creating ISIS, well, at least, the CIA and Mossad, and not the average American or Jew, who are both used as pawns in this game of winner take all.

How to use this information to your advantage.

What we have shown you is that data is always manipulated to give the masses the wrong information.  The same technique is used in the Markets; if you understand this, then you can start to devise a plan. However, the masses are not even aware of the problem, so there is no hope of finding a solution.

Every boom and bust cycle is created in advance; in fact, every cycle is planned decades in advance.  How can you use this knowledge?  Well, we have devised tools that are open to our paid subscribers that help us spot these patterns in advance of the event? The second option is to join our free newsletter and learn how to use Mass Psychology to help keep you on the right side of the markets and out of harm’s way.

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