People Put Engagement Rings Inside Avocados

People Put Engagement Rings Inside Avocados


Engagement Rings Inside Avocados

If you love avocados just about as much as your partner, you’ll get all the feels for an engagement idea taking off on Instagram after a post by food stylist Colette Dike topped 10K likes last week: using avocado in lieu of a ring box during a marriage proposal.

Randy Gonzalez, 29, Westbrook, Connecticut: In September 2016, five years after we met on West Beach in Connecticut, I brought my fiancée, Kimberlee Brosnan, back to the same spot. I packed an avocado for us to share and put an engagement ring, which had a diamond from my father’s mother and a new white gold band, inside. A photographer, Kim Tyler, happened to be shooting something else, saw us, and captured the moment.

Ben Stevenson, 32, Stamford, England: For Christmas of 2015, I surprised my then-girlfriend Taylor Selby with a trip to Bali and the surrounding islands, a place she’d dreamed of visiting for a few years. I planned to propose within the first few days of our trip, but Taylor fell ill, so I decided to wait until later on when we’d be on the Gili Islands beach at sunset. I found the perfect spot for a picnic, and we took a few photos. Then I told Taylor how much I loved her, got down one knee, and gave her a box holding an avocado with the ring inside Full Story

Popping the question with a ring inside an avocado is a thing now.
Everyone knows avocados are tasty and good for you. But who knew they were a great place to hide engagement rings?

Avocados are popular superfoods used for guacamole, avocado toast and now engagement ring boxes.
The trend started on social media with people surprising their loved ones with rings inside avocados. Full Story

There’s no debating millennials’ love for a good avocado. The green goddess has taken over toasts, salads, and smoothies — and now, avocados are infiltrating wedding proposals.
The Instagram account Food Deco posted a photo of an engagement ring perched inside an avocado half just before Valentine’s Day. “Tag someone who should propose like this,” the caption read. Based on the comments, some avo-lovers would be thrilled to be on the receiving end of an avocado proposal. “Nothing would make me happier than someone putting a ring in an avocado and proposing to me!” one person commented.

A testimonial on the site reveals that the company has, in fact, printed wedding proposals before. San Francisco native Christina wrote: “I wanted something unique to help propose to my girlfriend, but couldn’t find the right thing… until I heard about! I had personalized messages printed on avocados, leading her to the final one asking her to marry me.” Full Story

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