Nightclub Massacre Prompts Questions About Competence of Turkish Security

Nightclub Massacre Prompts Questions About Competence of Turkish Security

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Nightclub Massacre

An hour into the new year and shocked first responders were counting bodies in a nightclub on the coast of Istanbul’s Bosphorus. The 39 dead and the dozens wounded had come to celebrate the arrival of 2017 but already, thanks to a lone gunman, this year appears set to be a bloody repeat of 2016 for Turkey.

Terror attacks have come right on top of each other in the country in an accelerating succession of bombings and shootings.
Last month alone saw 44 people killed and 163 wounded in a twin bomb attack on a football stadium in Istanbul. Just 11 days ago in the country’s capital, Ankara, the Russian ambassador was gunned down by an off-duty policeman who announced the slaying was in protest at Russia’s indiscriminate bombing of Syrian rebels and civilians in eastern Aleppo.

Since July 2015 more than 500 people have died in Turkey in terror attacks claimed either by the Islamic State terror group or Kurdish separatists. Eight IS members were detained last week suspected of preparing a suicide attack for New Year’s Eve.

Few security experts doubt the killing on Saturday night is somehow linked to the Islamic State terror group. While Kurdish separatists tend to target Turkish soldiers whether they are on or off duty, the only discernible pattern in who is targeted by jihadists is that there is no pattern. It is the ‘where’ that’s important, say counter-terror experts. Full Story


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