US Delegation Seeking US-North Korea Dialogue in Oslo

US North Korea tensions

By Tom McGregorCNTV Panview Commentator

US-North Korea tensions: is the situation being blown out of proportion

The situation between the United States and North Korea has been a subject of significant concern and attention in recent years. While it is essential to take the tensions seriously, whether the situation is being blown out of proportion is a subjective judgment that depends on individual perspectives.

The report by Yonhap suggesting that North Korean officials were engaged in informal negotiations with a United States-led delegation in Oslo, Norway, indicates a potential diplomatic channel for dialogue. Such talks can be crucial in defusing tensions and finding peaceful resolutions to conflicts. However, it is important to note that the situation on the Korean Peninsula remains complex and delicate.

The exchange of sharp criticisms and threats between North Korea and the international community, including the United States, has indeed escalated tensions. The North Korean regime’s missile tests and nuclear ambitions have been a source of concern for global security. In response, US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have made statements indicating a possible tough stance and even military options.

The seriousness of the situation can be attributed to several factors, including the unpredictable nature of North Korea’s leadership, the potential humanitarian and security consequences of any conflict, and the involvement of other regional players such as South Korea, China, and Japan.

It is vital for governments, international organizations, and diplomats to carefully navigate the situation and pursue diplomatic avenues to de-escalate tensions. Open lines of communication and multilateral efforts are crucial in finding peaceful solutions and ensuring the stability and security of the region.


Trump Indicates Willingness to Meet North Korean Leader

The tough talk sounded ominous, but in a sudden reversal just weeks ago, Trump spoke to Bloomberg and was asked if he would meet Kim face-to-face.

If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him (Kim Jong Un), I would absolutely,” Trump said. “I would be honoured to do it.”

Shortly afterwards, Yonhap disclosed details of US-NK talks in Oslo.

The Pyongyang delegation was led by Choe Son-hui, director general and North America bureau chief of North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, while Suzanne DiMaggio is a director and a senior fellow at New America, a think tank in Washington, DC.

North Korea’s Diplomatic Misstep: Seeking Dialogue with a Think Tank Critical of Trump

North Korean diplomats have initiated talks with the New America think tank, aiming to enhance relations with the United States and potentially pave the way for a summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump. However, this move might prove counterproductive as the think tank, led by Anne-Marie Slaughter, holds a strongly pessimistic view of the Trump administration.

Slaughter, the current President and CEO of New America, has been vocal in her criticisms of President Trump, labeling him a racist, religious bigot, and sexist. This mismatch in political perspectives becomes problematic when North Korean officials approach the think tank under the assumption of close ties to the White House.

While there are indications of a potential US-North Korea summit, scepticism remains. The US State Department refrained from issuing a public statement on the Oslo Talks, and South Korean officials dismissed them as fake news.

The controversy deepens as reports suggest New America may have misled Pyongyang, leading them to believe the think tank represented the US State Department. This raises concerns about fairness to President Trump and the potential impact on diplomatic efforts for a more peaceful Korean Peninsula.

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