McCain Had No Idea If The Trump Russia Documents Were Legit

McCain Had No Idea If The Trump Russia Documents Were Legit-hahaha tell usTrump Russia Documents

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Trump Russia Documents

John McCain is spitting mad about Trump’s Russia policy, but he’s all bark and no bite. President Donald Trump is scheduled to talk to Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, and Arizona Senator John McCain has issued a righteous statement condemning any moves to lift sanctions (which Trump is considering):

President Donald Trump’s call with Vladimir Putin is scheduled to take place amid widespread speculation that the White House is considering lifting sanctions against Russia. For the sake of America’s national security and that of our allies, I hope President Trump will put an end to this speculation and reject such a reckless course.
As strongly worded as McCain’s statement is, it carries little force. He has so far shown no willingness to stand up to Trump in any meaningful way.

For instance, McCain is going to vote to confirm Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, the recipient of an Order of Friendship award from Putin. Will McCain carry through his threat of trying to pass a law to codify anti-Russian sanctions? To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, our assumption should be: “Don’t trust until you can verify.” Full Story

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