Crooked Hillary Case: 15,000 New Emails Uncovered

Crooked Hillary's Case: 15,000 New Emails Uncovered

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 Is Crooked Hillary in Trouble Again?

Let’s look at the week’s article before entering the Hillary story.

In the world of central banking, negative interest rates have become a pervasive trend. However, this experiment is unlikely to end without triggering a currency crisis. The timing of such an event is uncertain, but it’s worth noting that many who predicted it in their lifetime are no longer with us. One indication that something is awry will be when the public embraces an overly optimistic outlook, which is still far off.

After the market surged to new highs, the number of individuals in the bullish camp would soar, but no such luck. Our proprietary “anxiety index” reveals that the crowd has remained in the circle of “fear zone “and has not moved into the calm zone once in the past six months.  Data reveals that the crowd has been unusually pessimistic for an extended period. Unloved Stock Market Bull Destined To Trend Higher

 Is Crooked Hillary on the Ropes Again?

In July, former FBI Director James Comey commented on the discovery of additional emails related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server. He indicated that Clinton was not forthright in providing evidence and had chosen not to discuss several thousand emails, which she claimed were related to personal matters such as yoga.

The FBI discovered these additional emails through various means, including traces on connected devices and archived government email accounts. Comey also stated that several thousand work-related emails were not returned by Clinton to the State Department in 2014 and that three of these emails were classified at the time they were sent or received. These comments suggest that Clinton did not follow proper protocol regarding the handling of classified information. ABC News

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