It’s Not the economy stupid: It’s failed Politics

It's Not the economy stupid

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

It’s Not the economy stupid

The economy up until the coronavirus was doing well, and there is a chance that by November with all the money this government is throwing at the economy that the outlook will be far brighter. At least as far as the stock market is concerned.

High on the list for voters are Job safety, Immigration (especially illegal immigration which is a huge issue) and on making America great again by focussing on the USA and not the outside world.  Hence the Democrats need to be on point as so far, they have not provided any substantive data to indicate how they could improve the outlook. They all seem hellbent on attacking Trump.


It’s Not the economy stupid, Its  Lack of Strategy

Democrats need to have a solid strategy but with Biden as their lead men, someone that seems to be suffering from dementia it is hard to see how they can win in November. The only possible solution is that someone suddenly comes in to replace Biden.

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