Human trafficking Crimes at all time high says top British Catholic

Human trafficking at all time high says top British Catholic

Human trafficking Crimes

Britain’s esteemed Catholic leader delivered a compelling address at a Vatican conference dedicated to combatting human trafficking, highlighting the urgent need for action. Archbishop Vincent Nichols, the revered figurehead of Westminster and esteemed president of the Santa Marta anti-trafficking group, expressed his deep concern, stating that the world is witnessing an unprecedented rise in victims of this heinous crime.

With a resolute tone, he disclosed the shocking estimate that a staggering 42 million individuals are ensnared in the clutches of human trafficking across the globe. Deeply moved by his observations, Archbishop Nichols emphasized the distressing prevalence of modern-day slavery on the high seas. Astonishingly, he revealed that out of the approximately 4.4 million fishing vessels worldwide, a significant number serve as platforms for individuals trapped in abhorrent conditions of bonded labour.

Addressing the esteemed Holy Father, the dedicated group fervently implored for his influential intervention, beseeching Pope Francis to exert his moral authority and urge financial and business institutions to take decisive action against slavery. They called upon these institutions to diligently strive to eradicate this abhorrent practice and ensure that their transactions are untainted by the profits derived from human exploitation.

During this poignant encounter, Pope Francis shared his deep anguish at the grim reality of modern-day slavery, underscoring the disheartening truth that these forms of enslavement permeate even the most affluent sectors of our societies. The pontiff expressed his profound disappointment and called upon humanity to confront this grave injustice collectively. Full Story


Human trafficking and slavery

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, following an intensive two-day Vatican gathering dedicated to addressing the global fight against human trafficking, issued a grave assessment that the abhorrent practice has reached an unprecedented pinnacle, ensnaring a staggering number of approximately 42 million individuals.

In a poignant address to Pope Francis, after their meetings held at the esteemed Casino Pio IV within the Vatican Gardens, Cardinal Nichols shed light on the dark underbelly of globalization, vividly portraying the devastating realities of human trafficking and modern slavery. He emphasized that this nefarious crime often shrouds its victims in invisibility, escaping the notice of our ordinary perception. However, the gravity of this issue is gradually coming into focus as the true extent of the crisis unfolds.

In an interview with The Tablet, Cardinal Nichols further expounded on the multifaceted nature of this crime and its elusive nature, stating, “This is a crime whose victims are often invisible and invisible to our normal eye, and therefore only slowly is the reality of this – and the extent of it – becoming apparent.”

During his address to the Santa Marta Group, Pope Francis echoed Cardinal Nichols’ concerns, acknowledging that modern slavery has pervaded societies beyond previous imaginings, even infiltrating the most affluent segments. The Pope stressed the need to confront this grave injustice, emphasizing the importance of addressing not only the impact of new technologies but also the models of economic growth that prioritize profit over the dignity and well-being of individuals.  Source: The Tablet


The Startling Reality of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA), the extent of modern slavery and human trafficking is significantly greater than previously estimated, with recent crackdowns exposing the alarming scale of this crime and potentially revealing tens of thousands of victims in the UK.

The NCA’s Director of Vulnerabilities, Will Kerr, stated that the figures surpass the previous count identified by the government’s victim identification system, which recorded approximately 3,800 victims in 2016. Kerr emphasized that the actual number is likely in the tens of thousands, as the pursuit of modern slavery uncovers mounting evidence of widespread exploitation of vulnerable individuals. This revelation indicates a much larger magnitude than what was previously comprehended.

Various distressing cases have come to light, ranging from a Romanian criminal organization generating €5 million (£4.5 million) through online prostitution advertisements and money laundering to the trafficking of a 12-year-old girl into the UK to use children in school-related activities.

Most victims originate from eastern Europe, Vietnam, and Nigeria, with a roughly equal distribution between men and women, as highlighted by the NCA. The agency also revealed that over 300 active law enforcement operations are currently focused on combating modern slavery throughout the UK.  Full Story

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