Hillary Clinton Isn’t On The Ballot

Hillary Clinton Isn’t On The Ballot

Hillary Clinton Isn’t On The Ballot

COLUMBIA, Missouri — President Donald Trump is back to doing what he loves: campaigning against Hillary Clinton.

Two years later, and days before the midterm elections, the 2016 election is still not over. Just in the last week alone, Clinton has come up at least 18 times during Trump rallies, interviews, and speeches.

As Trump travels the country — mostly to red states he won handily in 2016, and where Democrats are now defending Senate seats — the president and Republican candidates he is campaigning on behalf of are repeatedly tying their Democratic opponents to Clinton, reminding voters in Trump country that those vulnerable Democrats were With Her.

At a rally with Trump in Columbia, Missouri, Thursday night, Republican Josh Hawley, who is challenging Sen. Claire McCaskill in a state Trump won by 20 points, spurred a “Lock her up!” chant by drawing comparisons between McCaskill and Clinton.

“What I look at when I look at Sen. McCaskill’s record, I have to say, Mr. President, it really reminds me of another career politician that you recently defeated,” Hawley said. “It reminds me of the person that Claire thinks should be president: Hillary Clinton.”

“Claire McCaskill has spent her lifetime in politics,” he told the crowd gathered on a cold evening at a hangar next to Air Force One. “Just like Hillary, Claire McCaskill has made a boatload of money on federal taxpayers.” Full Story

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