George Soros paid Women’s March protesters


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George Soros Paid Protesters According To Poll?

A recent poll has revealed that many of President Trump’s supporters believe that the Women’s March, held the day after his inauguration, was attended by paid protesters funded by liberal activist George Soros. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that 38% of Trump voters believed the marchers were born, while only 1% of Clinton voters believed the same.

Despite photographic evidence to the contrary, 59% of Trump supporters also believed that more people attended Trump’s inauguration than the Women’s March. Only 18% of respondents described Trump’s inauguration as the best attended in history. Conservative commentators, including Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck, echoed the unfounded allegation that Mr Soros funded the marchers.

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In today’s intricate world, we recognise the significance of exploring diverse subjects and their interconnectedness. It is our pleasure to share fascinating articles with our readers, and one such piece that has caught our attention revolves around the recent trial and verdict concerning the politician Geert Wilders.

While Wilders has been found guilty of inciting discrimination, specific individuals in a predominantly white and conservative town perceive the trial as political persecution against a champion who challenges the establishment.

Echoing this perspective, Wim Keizer, the town curator, expresses their support for Wilders due to their disagreement with the government’s actions. Amidst this controversy, the Volendam Museum presents an opportunity to delve into the town’s vibrant history and culture, showcasing exhibits featuring traditional attire and dog-drawn carts. Chinese firms’ presence is growing in London.

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