What You Don’t Know About Sex Trafficking?

What You Don’t Know About Sex Trafficking?

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Sex Trafficking

One of the main reasons we cover such a broad range of topics is because the masses are being systematically brainwashed to see what they are being directed to see. You can only solve the problem if you understand the problem; if you do not, you will either never solve it or continue trending on the path of stupidity forever. To become a good investor, you need to see the full picture and not the snippets that the mass media conveniently and almost gleefully is willing to provide.  Mass psychology states that it is imperative to acknowledge the forest while looking at the tree. In other words, emotions drive the markets, and you need to focus on what emotions Mass Media is trying to stir up to spot the next significant trend. With that in mind, we think you might find the following article of interest:

Many stocks are trending upwards while key technical indicators move from the overbought to the oversold ranges. If this took place on the daily charts it could be ignored, but, these developments are taking place in the slow-moving monthly charts, and it suggests that a new trend might be about to take hold. Then you have stocks that trend endlessly in the overbought ranges with no sign of letting up, but the stock continues to trend higher and higher. If this trend takes hold, then a plethora of technical analysts will face the ultimate challenge: “Adapt or die”. Stock market Insanity Trend is Gathering Momentum

Sex Trafficking; Nothing but Another Form of Slavery

Slavery, despite being illegal in the United States for 151 years, still exists in many places, taking many different forms besides forced labour. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says an estimated 800,000 children are reported missing in the United States every year. In other underdeveloped countries, this phenomenon is even more common, seeing as human trafficking is the third-largest criminal industry in the world.
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime website reports,

“Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Almost every country in the world is affected by trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims.”

Those who are most susceptible to Sex trafficking

include runaway and/or unsupervised children (mostly girls), and undocumented immigrant children. According to Polarisproject.com, a 2014 study shows that one in every six runaway children is likely to a child sex trafficking victim. 20.9 million people around the world are denied freedom and basic human rights as a result of human trafficking.

However, human trafficking does not only include sexual exploitation and abuse (though that is the most popular form of trafficking). Innocent people are kidnapped every year and forced to perform a variety of jobs (especially in developing countries), in organ, tissue, and cell harvesting, domestic servitude, and child trafficking. Full Story

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