Viral Terrorism & Real Terrorism: Time To Wakeup

Viral Terrorism & Real Terrorism: Time To Wakeup

Viral Terrorism & Real Terrorism: Time To Wakeup

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump blamed Monday’s multiple terrorist attacks on radical Islamic terrorism, calling the deadly day a wake-up call for the world and vowing to destroy the Islamic State.

“Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany – and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!” he tweeted.

He also put a more-detailed statement blaming the Berlin attacks on Islamism and noting the symbolism of an attack on a Christian-holiday celebration.

“Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday. ISIS and other Islamic terrorists continuously slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad,” Mr. Trump said in the statement.

He went on to say that “these terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners.” washingtonpost

Viral Terrorism

“We cannot simply sit back and accept that these platforms just exist. They are the publisher not just the postman,” said New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, after copies of the Christchurch terror attack were uploaded hundreds of thousands of times to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Known as the “terrorist content” legislation, Europe’s draft law aims to stop violent propaganda like the Christchurch footage from proliferating online. It was drawn up following a spate of Islamic State-inspired attacks on the Continent and would force platforms to take down illegal content within a set time frame — or face penalties.

On the other side, the centre-right EPP group, of which German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union is a member, is more aligned with the Commission. “I am convinced a removal deadline for deleting flagged terrorist content online of maximum one hour is absolutely necessary,” said Rachida Dati, the French MEP negotiating the text on behalf of the European People’s Party group. “After the New Zealand attack, it took Facebook 17 minutes to remove the video of the attack. Seventeen minutes means already more than 1.5 million videos to delete.”

 “We can still agree on the terrorist content legislation before the European election,” he said this week. “Our message today to our friends in the European Parliament is that failure to do this only helps extremists.” Full Story

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