Dirty House of Saud, Cry baby Bibi, Insane Fed

Dirty House of Saud, Cry baby Bibi, Insane Fed

After Oil House of Saud’s Chief export is Terror


“Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it.” So advised world-renowned public intellectual Noam Chomsky, one of the most cited thinkers in human history.

 The counsel may sound simple and intuitive — that’s because it is. But when it comes to Saudi Arabia, the U.S. ignores it.  Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading sponsor of Islamic extremism. It is also a close U.S. ally. This contradiction, although responsible for a lot of human suffering, is frequently ignored. Yet it recently plunged back into the limelight with the Saudi monarchy’s largest mass execution in decades.

On Jan. 2, Saudi Arabia beheaded 47 people across 13 cities. Among the executed was cleric Nimr al-Nimr, a leader from the country’s Shia religious minority who was arrested for leading peaceful protests against the regime in 2011-12.

Sheikh al-Nimr was known throughout the Islamic world for his staunch opposition to sectarianism. The outspoken Saudi dissident firmly insisted that Sunnis and Shias are not enemies, and should unite against the sectarian regimes oppressing them. “The oppressed should unite together against the oppressors, instead of becoming tools in the hands of the oppressors,” he declared.

By executing a dissident who challenged sectarianism, the Saudi monarchy was only further fomenting it. Full Story

However, the honour of the biggest crooks, double-crossers, sponsors of terror and insane individuals has to go to the House of Saud.  Saudi Arabia is about to understand what the term payback means. It is now trying to cushion up to Russia, after being implicitly involved in pushing the price of oil lower. What they fail to understand is that the Russians never forgive someone that double crosses them. Saudi Arabia is also trying to attack Iran via Yemen and Syria; both these nations are allies of Russia.  It is no longer a reliable ally of the USA, and Russia and China will reject them. So they will suddenly find out what it means to take a beating.  They will most likely be forced to form an unholy alliance with Israel, but if they do they will alienate whatever little support they have from the other Sunni Arab nations.  If you want to feel the real meaning of the word restricted, visit Saudi Arabia. We spent a few hours in the airport while in transit, and we have to openly state that we will never want to visit that place again if we can help it.  If you compare Qatar to Saudi, the difference is staggering. One is open and welcoming, while the other (Saudi) is the complete opposite. 

 Bibi Gets Hammered; can’t even answer a simple question 

David Greene’s Wednesday Morning Edition interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew some emails of concern from listeners about its content, but it is the complaints about the interview’s form that I want to address here.

Daniel Rosen’s was one of some emails I received:

I have never submitted a letter to NPR before, but I feel compelled to after listening to the treatment of PM Netanyahu on Morning Edition. Regardless of your opinion of him and his position on the Iran agreement, I found the extent to which he was cut off near the end of the interview incredibly disrespectful. I imagine that hosting someone so prominent in the debate around a very timely and important issue was a huge get for NPR, yet he wasn’t given much time to explain his answers. Further, at the very end when the interviewer interrupted him to ask another question, he was given just seconds to answer the final question. To be clear, I’m not accusing NPR of bias in any way, I just think the way your organization handled the interview of a very important subject was rude and disrespectful.

David R. Katz, of Springdale, Ark., added another point:

By the way… after he was so tersely decapitated there was some stupid music that lasted for a full 30 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of silence, followed by a ridiculous local station public service announcement.

The issue is not new for NPR; my predecessor wrote about a 2011 Morning Edition interview with Rep. Barney Frank, who made clear how unhappy he was at being cut off for time.


Many of the issues remain the same but here’s what happened in this case specifically.

NPR’s morning and evening newsmagazines are each run on what’s referred to as “the clock,” a to-the-second schedule that dictates how the two hours for each show are broken down into time for national newscasts and reports produced by NPR, local and national funding credits, and time for local stations to air their own news, weather, and traffic reports. Local stations count on NPR not to deviate from that clock, and they plan their own newscasts to conform to their allotted time. Full Story

If you read the comments following this story, you will see that a lot of individuals felt that Bibi was taking an enormous amount of time to answer simple questions. Bibi, as we stated, is a cry baby, bully and warmonger. He waffles and takes forever to respond to a simple question. Sadly, the trend has changed, and we suspect that Russia will no longer be interested in forming an alliance with Israel, and that applies to China also; at least not while Bibi the imbecile is in charge. The best thing that this station could have done was to cut him off completely five minutes into the interview; as he offered nothing new and will never offer any new perspective. He is a broken clock that cannot be fixed.  By the way, we have nothing per say against the people of Israel; it’s the government that is the problem as is the case with most governments.  In fact, as observers, we have no personal feelings towards the government either. We take the observers position, and our position is based on the trend.  The trend has changed.

Video below illustrates how dirty and corrupt the Federal Reserve system is

The only function of the Fed is to rape the masses and enslave them. They will continue to do this unless someone stops them. Sadly, the masses are asleep and no longer even understand what is going on and therefore, the odds of stopping the Fed are rather small.  What you can do is learn how they operate and take measures to protect your family and your wealth.



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