Billionaire Commits 500M to Help Refugees & Migrants

Crooked Billionaire Commits 500M to Help Refugees & Migrants

Content editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

Billionaire Commits 500M to Help Refugees


In the wake of the civil war currently destroying Syria, thousands of refugees have fled their homes to seek safety in Europe.

That’s why billionaire philanthropist George Soros is contributing $500 million to organizations offering relief for migrants and refugees.

“Governments must play the leading role in addressing this crisis by creating and sustaining adequate physical and social infrastructure for migrants and refugees. But harnessing the power of the private sector is also critical,” George wrote in an essay. “Although my main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, I will be looking for good investment ideas that will benefit migrants all over the world.”

The announcement follows the ‘Call To Action’ initiative launched by President Barack Obama asking private sector businesses to allow more work opportunities for asylum-seekers. Full Story

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