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Compelling News Stories

MH17 prosecutor open to theory another plane shot down the airliner

Dutch prosecutors investigating the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 believe that a ground-to-air missile attack is the most likely scenario. Still, they are not ruling out the possibility that the aircraft might have been shot down from the air. The Russian government has claimed that the plane was shot down by a Ukrainian military aircraft, but Western officials have not accepted this scenario. The Dutch will ask Moscow to provide the information that led them to believe a Ukrainian plane was nearby. The United States previously claimed that the aircraft was brought down by a ground-to-air missile fired by Russian-backed forces occupying the area in eastern Ukraine where its wreckage now lies. Full Story 

The Truth Behind the Cover-Up: How the Media Controls the Narrative

Many people are beginning to question the narrative sold by the Zionist and neocon-controlled media, which they believe is nothing more than pure BS. The recent events surrounding Russia and the US have only added to this scepticism. Russia has offered to provide key information, and even satellite imagery, to prove their innocence, but the US government has refused to accept it. This has led many to believe that the US government is involved in a cover-up.

When key data is not disclosed or is refused from outside sources, it raises red flags and creates suspicion. People are now beginning to question the motives behind the media and the government, and are seeking alternative sources of information. As the truth becomes harder to find, it is important for individuals to educate themselves and seek out reliable sources of information. Only then can we hope to uncover the truth and hold those in power accountable?

The Ghosts of Gaza: Israel’s Soldier Suicides

The consequences of Israel’s latest offensive in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, are still being felt in Israeli society. Three Israeli soldiers from the Givati Brigade, which had a reputation for its ruthless ferocity, considerable bravery, and the use of Old Testament religiosity to justify the merciless operations of its commander, Colonel Ofer Winter, committed suicide with their weapons in the weeks after the open-ended ceasefire was agreed upon. The unit spent most of its time in Gaza, close to the border with Israel in an area the Israel Defense Forces set out to make a wide buffer zone consuming more than 40 per cent of Gaza’s territory. The Givati Brigade drew particular attention because of its alleged responsibility for widespread civilian casualties.  Full Story

Is there any truth to this story? Perhaps there is.   These three chaps must have been so horrified by what they had to do regarding taking out innocent people that they felt they could no longer live with themselves.  Neo-cons are cowards who always fight those they know for a fact are not on par with them regarding weapons and technology.

Again we do not necessarily agree with all the views here (religion, etc.), but you will certainly find some thought-provoking information on this site.  You are the judge, so you decide whether what he has to say is of value or not, but as the founder is a Jew, his views on the Zionist agenda are kind of interesting.   We are accelerating the pace at which we provide alternative and what many might term radical sources of information, as the assault from the Zionist/Neo-con controlled media has been ratcheted several notches.

Boehner: Bush would’ve punched Putin in the nose for invading Crimea

House Speaker John Boehner says President Barack Obama’s predecessor would have deterred Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. “Does anybody think that Vladimir Putin would have gone into Crimea had George W. Bush been president of the United States?” Boehner said on Monday in Davenport, Iowa, where the Ohio Republican is campaigning for GOP hopefuls. “No! Even Putin is smart enough to know that Bush would have punched him in the nose in about 10 seconds!”  The comments drew applause from the crowd of GOP volunteers.

One problem with Boehner’s rally cry: In 2008, when Bush was president, Putin invaded the Republic of Georgia — and the Bush administration was criticised for not coming down harder on Putin for Russia’s attack on a key U.S. ally. Full story

Another idiotic statement by Bonehead Boehner, who has a habit of crying like a baby when he is making speeches. Here is a simple fact: no one could have stopped Putin, nor would they have dared try to stop him because, deep down, everyone knows that they are invading his space and threatening Russia by allowing weak nations that surround Russia to join NATO.   In reality, none of the NATO members will come to help these countries if Russia attacks any of them.  However, Russia is not bent on attacking nations like the USA is; they want to be left alone. The U.S. is the aggressor here, and the funny part is that it is acting tough when it’s broken.

US Military Industrial Complex

The military war machine is alive only because the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency. This gives us the unique ability to print as much money as we want, but that option will soon come to an end, and then the US will be just like another nation that has to live within its means when it does not have the extra money.

The fascists in power are setting up the pace for a Republican to become the next president in the hopes of starting another war.  Don’t be surprised if another Bush makes it to the house; Jeb Bush could soon be nominated as a candidate.

As he speaks fluent Spanish and is married to a Hispanic, he can garner massive support from the Latin population. He is a friendly guy with a pleasing personality, but his agenda will be the same as all the bushes.  The dumb public falls for the same crap year after year. What they don’t understand is that both the Democrats and Republicans come from the same pile of Dung, and so nothing will change until a new party is elected. 

Make sure you do not let your kids follow this stupid path (herd mentality); now you understand why the top elite shadow players have no respect for the masses. However, they provide many loopholes for those who dare to think differently. The masses are indeed asking to be smashed into the ground. Any form of common sense seems to have vanished a long time ago; in fact, one could say those with the mass mindset are almost parasitic. 

Banking Cartel is the Cause of Humanity’s Woes

.I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Thomas Jefferson

In 1949, Eustace Mullins visited Ezra Pound, a famous American poet confined at St. Elizabeth’s Mental Hospital and listed as a political prisoner. Pound commissioned Mullins to examine the influence of the banking establishment on U.S. policy. Mullins spent every morning for two years in the Library of Congress and met with Pound every afternoon. The resulting manuscript, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, was rejected by 19 American publishers. When it finally appeared in Germany in 1955, the U.S. Military Government confiscated all 10,000 copies and burned them. The book is now freely available online.

Essentially, the book paints a picture of the world and the role of the United States, which radically differs from the one we are given in school or the media. According to Mullins, London bankers led by the Rothschilds used agents such as J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller to gain control of American industry and organize it into cartels. The moneylenders got to charge interest on assets they created out of thin air, and the aristocracy all took shares in the central banks. This piece of chicanery is at the heart of what plagues humanity. The bankers have a vested interest in the state (i.e. the people), incurring as much debt as possible. Full Story

This story makes for a great read. Download the book and draw your conclusions.  Almost every war fought in the past 200 years was due to greedy bankers.  These evil creatures feed off other people’s misery.

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