Clinton Called Out For Using N word

Clinton Called Out

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Clinton Called Out: Is She A Freedom Fighter?

Updated Dec 2022 

Dow 30K Before Clinton Wins Presidency

The Dow appears to have broken through the top of the Channel formation that fell in the 20,800-21,000 ranges. If it closes above 21,300 on a monthly basis then despite the markets being overbought, the Dow could surge past 22K before running into a strong zone of resistance.  Market Update on June 18, 2017.

Given the resiliency of this market, the Dow could very easily trade to 22K before it trades to 19K.  The masses need to show some enthusiasm; if they don’t and the market pulls back strongly, it must be viewed as a screaming buy.  For now, the masses seem to be locked in the pessimistic mode. Dow 22K Predicted In July 2017; Next Target Dow 30k?


She calls Trump a Racist, but this video illustrates that her statement is akin to the pot calling the kettle black, and it goes back to her young days.

Here is her former mentor  Robert Byrd using the Nword



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