China Embraces Putin & Slaps Obama-Putin gets red carpet-Obama gets nothing


China Embraces Putin & Slaps Obama-Putin gets red carpet-Obama gets nothing

Putin Gets Red Carpet Treatment After Obama was snubbed by China

“It sure looks like a straight up snub. This clearly plays very much into the [idea]: ‘Look, we can make the American president go out of the ass of the plane,'” Bill Bishop, a Chinese expert who closely tracks political developments in Beijing, told the Guardian. “The idea that they have been preparing for well over a year for the G20 but suddenly there be a malfunction with the ramp just for one president … that really strains credulity.” Multiple others have also said that the treatment given to the US president was not a cock-up Full Story

The video illustrates how Obama was forced to come out of the as one of the Chinese put it “ass of the plane”, while Putin was given the royal treatment.  China is sending a forceful message to Obama; they are telling the US that they are prepared to go to war over the South China Sea issue. America would be wise to heed this call. Experts have clearly shown that had American now tried to push China, they would not have taken such an aggressive stance and started building artificial islands.

China understands that if they do not control this space; the US could put a naval blockade that could strangle the life out of China’s economy.  By forcing the overthrow of a democratically elected official in Ukraine, they also pushed Putin to take over Crimea.  If Crimea belonged to Ukraine, America and NATO would be in a position take over Russia’s only warm water naval base.  America had no intention of helping Ukraine as is evident by the actions almost two years later; all our government wanted was to corral Russia. When Russia responded, it was painted as the villain. However, these tactics are not working, and we will repeat this again; now that America pushed Russia and China into each other’s Arms, it is game over.  America’s unipolar days are over. China and Russia are going to drive America out of Asia, Middle-East, and Eastern Europe and believe it or not eventually out of Europe. In Europe, this will be achieved because the European populace will finally understand that the refugee problem, the rapes, the surge in violence and the drastic change in their lives are all because of Americas twisted Middle East Policy.  The masses in Europe already understand that Russia is not their enemy and that their governments are crooked. There is going to be a massive change in the air and in the end, Europeans tend to stick with Europeans. Russians are Eastern Europeans, and they have a lot more in common (culture wise) than they do with Americans.

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