BTC vs Gold: The Clear Winner Is …

BTC vs Gold

BTC vs Gold: There’s no competition at all

US total debt

This chart is supposed to elicit fear because supposedly the money supply and debt are going through the roof. We have news for everyone it’s been going through the roof for decades. The only that has changed is that the ceiling or roof keeps rising. Most of today’s crowd has no idea of the concept of hard money, and even though we understand and agree with the hard money concept, it has no value in today’s society. You ask why?

The masses think all is well, the hard money/gold bug crowd is tiny and as such all their rantings and ravings will have little to no impact. Want proof. Look at the price of Gold. If you take inflation into consideration, which is the very issue these two groups are pushing, Gold has done Jack S**T. And from nowhere comes the bad boy Bitcoin and it blows Gold into the dust, clearly indicating that when in the argument BTC vs Gold, there is only one winner,.

Take a look at the chart below

btc usd chart

Even now, with the big rally, Gold can’t even touch Bitcoin, and this is despite the massive correction bitcoin has experienced. When we published an article about 30 months ago stating that Gold could never hope to duplicate Bitcoins performance we were blasted left, right and centre by the gold bug community and sadly to say those wise guys are still waiting for their day in the sun and it will never come.

Gold is not a bad investment; it is still trending upwards, but we would not embrace it in the same manner as the Gold bugs do; they seem to think its the holy grail of investing.  Gold should be viewed as a hedge against inflation but more important as a hedge against a black swan type event. You don’t purchase insurance because you know your house is going to burn down. You purchase it for peace of mind; if your house burns you are covered, if not it’s a small premium to pay for peace of mind. 

AI and certain tech companies make for 10X better investments.  Again, the moral, of the story, is that the crowd knows nothing, but they provide the astute investor with a lot of valuable data that can be used to spot new trends.

Random notes on the Tactical Investor Methodology

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