House of Lords defeats government for second time on article 50 bill

House of Lords defeats government for second time on article 50 bill

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House of Lords defeats government for second time on article 50 bill

The House of Lords has voted to give parliament a veto over the final outcome of Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations, inflicting a second defeat on the government’s article 50 bill.

Michael Heseltine, the Conservative former deputy prime minister, was one of those leading the rebellion against the government’s position, along with Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers.

“Everyone in this house knows that we now face the most momentous peacetime decision of our time,” he said. “And this amendment secures in law the government’s commitment … to ensure that parliament is the ultimate custodian of our national sovereignty.

“It ensures that parliament has the critical role in determining the future that we will bequeath to generations of young people.”

The government had rejected the amendment, saying it would weaken May’s hand by denying her the ability to walk away from the negotiating table. Full Story

House of lords Playing with Fire

The rebels faced accusations they were trying to “wreck this bill and prevent Brexit” from Tory Eurosceptic Viscount Ridley, while Conservative former chancellor Lord Lawson dismissed it as a “wrecking amendment”.

Later, peers also inflicted a second defeat on the government after they approved another amendment, which aims to protect citizens’ rights after Brexit,

Pro-EU campaigners seized on the news as a sign of the shifting mood in favour of a softer Brexit.

Sir Keir said the move was “an important step forward”, and would provide the only solution to avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland after leaving the EU.

He said: “Theresa May must now listen to the growing chorus of voices who are urging her to drop her redline on a customs union and rethink her approach.”

Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords, Lord Newby, said: “This is a hugely significant moment; the House of Lords has come together to show the government that remaining in a customs union is key to the UK’s future prosperity.

“Securing this win on a cross-party basis rams home how out of touch the government have been on this issue, and that they drastically need to change tack from the destructive hard Brexit they are pursuing.”  Full Story


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