American Style deportation is happening in Canada

American-style deportation is happening in Canada

American Style deportation

One night last week, while flipping through the available channels, I came across a program called Border Security: Canada’s Front Line, a reality TV show that, though discontinued, is still being broadcast in different countries. It portrays the work of the Canadian Border Security Agents as they encounter refugees, immigrants and visitors to Canada.

I watched in fascination as the border security agents turned away people from a variety of different racial backgrounds. Several years ago, the program was criticized for its violation of the privacy of bystander rights as well as its unfair representation of racialized minorities who were all portrayed as criminals.

This time, Border Security featured a range of people from different backgrounds. Nonetheless, I was struck by the incredibly strong law and order message of the program, where the security agents were the “good Canadians:” law-abiding, tolerant and reasonable, who, unfortunately, had to deport or refuse admission to immigrant “suspects” because they had lied to them. Full Story


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