AI advancements: Tomorrow Is Already Here

ai advancements

AI advancements: The world is Changing Rapidly

Apr 10,  2023

The world of technology has witnessed an unprecedented pace of Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements in recent years, and the past six months have been no exception. With the Covid-19 pandemic, 52% of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans, according to a study by PwC. Furthermore, 86% of companies report that AI is becoming a “mainstream technology” in their organization. This trend is not limited to the business world; it’s impacting every aspect of our lives.

As AI continues to evolve, the job market is set to undergo a radical transformation. Models like ChatGpt are set to revolutionize the job market, with high-income jobs in particular facing the risk of elimination or reduction in headcount. The most vulnerable jobs include poets, digital web designers, mathematicians, tax preparers, blockchain engineers, transcribing services, translators, and writers.

The Impact of AI on the Job Market

The potential for AI to transform good workers into super workers is particularly evident in fields like medicine and law. With the aid of AI, doctors can review all existing cases and studies on a specific ailment within minutes, leading to faster and more accurate diagnoses. This means that mediocre doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other workers may be replaced with ease.

Individuals who have experienced a significant improvement in efficiency and speed thanks to the use of AI-powered language models like ChatGpt can attest to this. The AI trend is an unstoppable force that is rapidly transforming the landscape of the job market. We can expect to see a vastly different employment landscape in just one year.

It’s essential to recognize that regardless of which AI model is utilized, individuals must adapt and enhance their skills to keep up with this fast-paced trend. The key to success in the current job market is to become proficient in the use of these models. At present, ChatGpt is the undisputed leader; how long it holds that title remains to be seen.

Google vs. Microsoft: Who Will Win the AI Race?

The AI race between companies like Google and Microsoft is heating up, with both firms releasing a wave of useful AI products. However, Google has been slow to respond, and its cash cow – search – still earns around 60% of its revenue. If it’s affected, it will have a knock-on effect on Google’s ability to fund other projects, and many of these projects have already been cut or eliminated.

Another factor to consider is the “stickiness” of products. People are often reluctant to switch to something new once they’ve become comfortable with a certain product. Getting them to embrace something new is hard enough; once they do, they tend to stick with it unless it starts to malfunction. The masses are lazy, making Google’s job much harder.

However, it’s not over for Google. The company has deep pockets, and we don’t know how advanced it is in the field of AI and language models. Bard is a slimmed-down version of Lambda, so there’s still a chance it could pull a Houdini. Still, the question of who wins the AI race is not the real issue at hand. What’s more important is that the AI trend has just accelerated. With these two giants battling it out and other companies on the fringe, the race is speeding up rapidly.

Notable AI Breakthroughs

One notable breakthrough was made in protein folding prediction using AI, where scientists have developed an AI that predicted the structure of more than 200 million proteins, almost all that are currently known.

As AI continues to change the job market landscape, individuals must be prepared to enhance their skills to keep up with the fast-paced trend. The AI race between tech giants like Google and Microsoft is heating up, and the future holds many possibilities. With the potential to transform good workers into super workers, the benefits of AI are immeasurable. We can only hope that we as humans, will be able to keep up with this rapid advancement.

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