Market timing is possible with the trend indicator

Below you will find an extensive list of past market calls.  We cannot list every single one of them as we have been offering this service for more than 12 years, and if we were to list every single successful call we made,  we would have to put out a dozen pages. This would prove to be too much for most individuals. Instead, we opted to highlight some of our top calls.  As the markets are continuously changing, the key factor to remember is that one needs to adapt to the markets. This is what we specialize in, adapting and adjusting to the ever-changing investing landscape.  We do not use static tools and by combining the dynamic field of mass psychology with some of the most powerful elements in Technical analysis to create tools that can adapt and adjust to the volatile landscape we know find ourselves in. After QE, the markets changed forever. The very last shred of a free market system were eliminated when the Fed illegally manipulated markets with money with the sole purpose of keeping rates low for a prolonged period of time.  This attack by the Fed has completely distorted market forces and this will remain the case until they stop meddling with the markets. Given the corner they have backed themselves in, this manipulation will not stop until some disaster unfolds.   Your only answer to this is to be on ahead of the trend and on the right side of the markets.  The Trend Indicator is our answer to dealing with this problem; it identifies the trend in advance, making investing less stressful and providing you with time to do other things in your life.

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