World Expert reveals Drug manufacturers Created high cholesterol Scam

 World Expert reveals Drug manufacturers Created high cholesterol Scam

The Cholesterol Scam

The media, the medical and drug sector, the food industry, and many other sectors have teamed up to sell regular hard working people a pack of lies, and like lab rats, the masses believe what they are being force-fed.  The massed don’t stop to think that hey maybe someone is trying to pull a fast one us or let us check the information before swallowing poison that your  Doctor happily prescribes. The masses instead opt to do nothing, but swallow the blue pill they have been given; this simple thing being to question everything. A simple question leads to some research, and research provides alternative viewpoints. A brain that is not exercised is a useless instrument, and the longer it is not used the more worthless it becomes.

Dr Uffe Ravnskov

He has spent decades researching this topic, and he has clearly demonstrated that there is a hidden agenda. The drug companies want to sell you crap to control what’s good for you. The irony is that you are taking out the good stuff and consuming poison, and they are making you pay for your poison.  This video will reveal this scam in its entirety; watch and learn.

Additional notes on high Cholesterol

The war against cholesterol was total rubbish. In fact, cholesterol is good; it’s a healing agent, and when levels are high, it is trying to protect the organism from allergenic or inflammatory agents. Just like the drug industry once fooled people into believing eggs were bad for health, they continue to pump the nonsense that cholesterol is bad when there is no real credible evidence to support this claim. If you read the research studies they cite you will find that at the very best they are employing something called faulty logic or they are downright lying to support these wild assertions.

The real danger is the crap they call beneficial oils

Dr’s and Health companies are trying to push the public to buy these bad oils and like lab rats the masses willingly oblige.  Any form of seed oil (other than Coconut and olive oil when pure) is dangerous to your health.  Butter is also very good and can be used as an oil substitute.  Do your research on the dangerous of PUFA and seeds oils. PUFA equals polyunsaturated fats.   Fish oils also fall into this dangerous category. What you think you know could very well end up hurting you seriously.

To make things look good, they have created outlets such as prevention magazine and a host of other publications (many of them operating as non-profit) whose sole purpose is disinformation.  If they can make it look like it’s the drug industry versus the so-called toxic health industry it creates the illusion of good versus bad, thus one group can be sold medicines and the other so-called healing agents which are just as dangerous. The end game is to have a host of sick patient’s line up for treatment.

Random articles on the Cholesterol scam

Study says there’s no link between cholesterol and heart disease

“Controversial report claims there’s no link between ‘bad cholesterol’ and heart disease,” the Daily Mail reports, while The Times states: “Bad cholesterol ‘helps you live longer’,”.

The headlines are based on a new review which aimed to gather evidence from previous observational studies on whether LDL cholesterol (so-called “bad cholesterol”) was linked with mortality in older adults aged over 60. The conventional view is that having high LDL cholesterol levels increases your risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease.

Researchers chose 30 studies in total to analyse. 28 studies looked at the link with death from any cause. Twelve found no link between LDL and mortality, but 16 actually found that lower LDL was linked with higher mortality risk – the opposite to what was expected. Full story

Creating The Cholesterol scam/myth

The measurement and recording of physical, biological and social data reveal that most things exhibit a normal distribution or bell-shaped curve. This phenomenon has been observed for centuries. It is the most fundamental and the most widely used concept of statistical analysis. The bell curve has certain characteristics. For example, if we measure the height of the population within a country we would find that most people have an average height, a small number of people are very tall and a small number of people are very short. This is a normal distribution and is represented by the typical bell-shaped curve.

As would be expected, the range of values that are found for cholesterol levels within a population also follows a normal distribution. And cholesterol levels vary tremendously between different people. Supporters of cholesterol-lowering medications would have us believe that the ideal cholesterol level is below 200 mg/dl (or 5 mmol/l), but we have known for decades that cholesterol varies from 105 mg/dl to 343 mg/dl (or 2.8 to 8.8 mmol/l) in people who are perfectly healthy. The figure below shows the range of cholesterol levels found in healthy people. Continue reading 


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