US warns China; Unemployed people in Europe

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US warns China; Unemployed people in Europe getting paid to do nothing. Isn’t life beautiful



The U.S. warned China Thursday against confronting U.S. aerial patrols over the South China Sea days after a verbal dispute between a Chinese military dispatcher and a U.S. Navy surveillance aircraft.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Navy released two videos and an audio recording of the confrontation, which took place on Wednesday when the Chinese dispatcher demanded eight times that the Navy P8-A Poseidon leave the area as it flew over Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Island chain, where China has conducted extensive reclamation work.

“Foreign military aircraft, this is Chinese navy. You are approaching our military alert zone. Leave immediately,” the dispatcher said on the recording. After the American crew responded that it was flying over international waters, the Chinese dispatcher responded “This is the Chinese navy … You go!” Full Story

The aggression as we stated is going to increase, and if the USA does not stop pushing China and Russia there will be some sort of aggressive response that will take the US military by surprise. If you look at the time line, the speed at which Russia and China have changed their roles from being to docile to aggressive is nothing short of amazing/stunning. They will never move to the docile court again, at least as far as the U.S. is concerned. At this point, their strategy is to never retreat and to match aggression with aggression. For now, they are playing defensive, but if the U.S does not tone down the rhetoric, there will be a first strike from the other side. Oh, we are not talking nuclear weapons, both the Chinese and the Russians are too smart to try that, as nobody would win. The attack could be a massive cyber attack, as most systems in the US have a grade of C or D when it comes to being prepared for a massive cyber attack, especially the government agencies. A joint cyber attack by the Chinese and Russians would be devastating to the US and probably cause far more damage than actual missiles and bombs.


It’s great that unemployed people in Europe are pretending they have real jobs
US warns China; Unemployed people in Europe are pretending they have real jobs

US warns China; Unemployed people in Europe

It sounds like something out of a dystopian novel: Across Europe, hundreds of fake companies have been set up. They function just like a normal corporation would — employees send out invoices, pay bills, even apply for loans — but they don’t actually produce anything. The sham corporations exist for the benefit of the jobless across Europe, desperate to be retrained and put to work. It is “an elaborate training network that effectively operates as a parallel economic universe,” according to the New York Times.

It sounds great. It’s not just about training. It also does something else: gives purpose to the unemployed.

Work gives us a sense of self, to some extent, and most definitely a sense of purpose. It’s the bedrock of the structure of most people’s lives. Family, vacation, leisure, they all fit around that huge chunk of time during the week known as the workday. Even leaving aside financial concerns, removing that structure and purpose from a person’s life often causes depression.  For the most part, people really want to work. A woman The Times interviewed, Sabine de Buyzer, told the reporter: “Since I’ve been coming here, I have had a lot more confidence. I just want to work.” Full story

This is how they propose to fix the unemployment situation; while we are it, why not come up with fake mortgages, fake taxes, and fake cars. This way we can pretend to work hard, pay high taxes without complaining, and pretend to go somewhere while actually going nowhere.

Well, at least the Europeans are coming up with a creative concept in terms of pretending to help the unemployed, even if it’s by getting a fake job. In the USA, most of the money is just being given away to corporations and banks so that they can make even more. Hence, the poor get poorer, the middle-class vanishes and the rich get richer.

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