UK foreign minister no longer has US citizenship

Boris Johnson has renounced his American citizenship

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Before we continue, we would like to state that we are do not view individuals from China in a negative light. In fact, we have many good Chinese friends and associates. The same applies to any religion. For example, Islam has been the centre of many controversies, and yes there are many dangerous radical Muslims that we believe should be punished brutally with no questions asked for the atrocious offences they have committed. War Between the U.S. & China will Destroy World Economy

Boris Johnson has renounced his American citizenship

Boris Johnson has renounced his US citizenship, ending years of ambiguous loyalties and probably ridding himself of a hefty tax bill.

A list released by the US Treasury department showed the UK foreign secretary was one of 5,411 individuals to renounce his American citizenship in 2016.

Johnson was born in New York when his parents worked there, but has not lived there since he was five years old. His decision does not appear to be an attempt to distance himself from the politics of Donald Trump, but may instead be a move to ensure he is out of reach of America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In 2014 he publicly said that the US was trying to hit him for tax on the sale of his home in Islington, north London, something he said he regarded as “absolutely outrageous”, although he later reportedly paid the demand. The US tax authorities have been mounting a campaign to crack down on the earnings of dual nationals. Full Story

The hardest country to get citizenship in the world

Switzerland is one of the hardest to gain citizenship, due to the length of time needing to have lived in the country before being eligible.

Lionel Eric, an immigration attorney, wrote on travel forum Quora: “Unless you are an EU citizen you must live at least 10 years in the country to get citizenship.

“Applicants for citizenship must prove they are assimilated into Swiss society and do not pose a threat to security.”

Japan also cropped up as a hard country to give citizenship to foreign nationals.

Eric went on to explain: “It takes longer to grant a permanent residency in Japan than to citizenship.

“People who want to establish permanent residency in Japan must live for a total of 10 continuous years or more.” Full Story

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Boris Johnson has renounced his American citizenship