The end of jobs

The end of jobs

The end of jobs or the Mark of a new trend

Note that Mass Psychology (MP) differs from contrarian investing. MP does not view the crowd as always being on the wrong side of the equation. Through luck, stupidity, etc. they sit on the right side of the fence, but they never sit long enough to lock in any gains, for they are always looking for the next guru or next expert to point them in the right direction. MP focusses on extremes; when the masses are euphoric for an extended period; a market top is likely and vice versa.

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Hot money creates even more hot money, so the IPO Market is heating up, which is an excellent long-term signal but it also signals that the masses will be embracing this bull eventually like a lost love. Greed overrules everything, and we will soon hit a point where any company that has the Words AI embossed to its name, will soar; it will be the bubble on steroids. However, for now, view this as an affirmation that the trend is alive and gaining traction.

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Jobless claims are not falling fast enough,” Renaissance Macro’s Neil Dutta said in an email Thursday. Everything we have seen in the last week or two between rising case counts/hospitalisations, stalling economic progress in some important states, government job cuts, means one thing: the Phase 4 of fiscal stimulus must be bigger

Things should be better in 3-4 weeks, but the news will get worse before it gets better. Take some chips off the table and reload the chamber for August.

The end of jobs: Some Jobs are never coming back

Ah yes, it’s lovely when these experts that know nothing start voicing their opinions on topics that a monkey with darts is more likely to provide a wiser response on. First, we are dealing with mass hysteria, which means that everyone is going to move slower; the fact that they are not frozen is a miracle given the intensity of this attack.

Secondly, many of these jobs are never coming back; COVID was simply the launchpad to get the AI/robotics program on track and its now entirely on track. Thirdly, nothing trends in one direction only, so we would not be surprised if the numbers spike past the 3 million ranges before pulling back. In technical analysis, that would be deemed as putting in a lower high which would be bearish development and, in this case, it would signal that unemployment claims will continue trending downward albeit minor aberrations here and there.

Eventually, all these unemployed guys and girls will falsely believe that the only option on the table is the universal income option that is slowly gaining traction. The corporate world and governments will start to push this agenda and make it look like it’s the dawn of a whole new era. Once the universal concept is embraced, the idea of AR (Augmented reality) will be pushed, and then we will have individuals living a dream within a dream. It will be like the movie “inception” only this time it will be real.

You ask why? Simple answer with so many individuals out of the way, these guys will be able to exploit the system to the max. So, is there no hope for humanity? Off course there is, but not for the whole of humankind. We will discuss this in future updates.

We are seeing early signs that the top players are already in the stages of testing out new psychological ploys. We will discuss this in future if these early signals are validated. Don’t confuse the top players for so-called top players you see on TV. For example, compared to the real top shadowy players, Buffett and Bezos are nothing but fat sardines waiting to be eaten if they move out of line. These guys don’t reveal their hand easily, and they never show their faces, but one spots them via their mode of operation. In other words, one can notice signs of activity by their actions.

One of the new ploys in this market is going to be to destroy a lot of former experts and make it look like the crowd is right at least for a certain amount of time, then things will change, and it will appear like the contrarians know what they are doing and so forth. The idea is to sow the seeds of doubt not via chaos but through disorder; the normal order is going to be upended. While everyone is trying to figure out what is going on, AI and robots will continue to gain traction at a frightening speed. The better tomorrow will be promoted with such sweetness that it will be almost impossible for the majority to resist and it will be a better tomorrow but sadly not for the masses.

This ploy of using every disaster to push more money into the system is going to be employed by central bankers worldwide. While central bankers from other nations might complain that the US is distorting things by increasing the money supply, they are doing the same thing. Look around, nation after nation is announcing some sort of stimulus program. Hot money will continue flooding the system and indirectly find its way into the markets. Market Update June 30, 2020

Since the last update several nations have either announced new stimulus packages and or lowered rates at the same time, and the Trump administration has stated that they are ready for round 2

As soon as the Senate gets back [from its current break], we are going to sit down on a bipartisan basis with the Republicans and the Democrats,” Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday on CNBC. “It will be our priority to make sure between the 20th and the end of the month that we pass the next legislation.”

Helicopter money is here, and nobody is complaining about it, in fact, they want more and more. It may seem surreal to those that have some semblance of common sense left, but at this stage and for several years to come, nobody is going to give a damn about the national debt. What will catch the level headed individuals with their pants down is that the dollar will not crash; this is the most favoured outcome or the outcome based on old school logic, and hence the odds of it coming to pass are very low. As we stated before, the dollar could surge to new highs.

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