Even Corrupt Saudi King declines to Meet Obama-very telling indeed

Even Corrupt Saudi King declines to Meet Obama-very telling indeed

Saudi Arabia’s King declined to meet President Obama when he arrived at the airport in Riyadh, the capital of the oil kingdom. That’s good.

Saudi Arabia has been one of the most destructive forces in the Islamic world. It has financed violent jihad groups, radical preachers and inflammatory satellite TV shows all to promote its intolerant Wahhabi brand of Islam. Wahhabi adherents sanction the killing of infidels; Christians included, as well as persecuting Muslims who do not adhere to its intolerant Medieval ways. The Saudi monarchy, nurtured by British imperial policy and sustained by the obeisance of successive American presidents, has flown under the wing of six decades of U.S. Middle East domination to spread its influence.

As Obama has cosied up to Iran, the Saudis’ regional rival, the kingdom’s rulers have distanced themselves from Washington. In Riyadh, Obama eventually did meet with King Salman and the President’s spin masters described it as a clearing-the-air session. Obama himself went out of his way to suggest that the old Saudi-U.S. “friendship and deep strategic partnership” was still intact.” Full Story

This is the nail in the coffin; when the House of Saud, one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism decides to snub the greatest bully in the world, it is very revealing. Saudi is falling apart, and they do not know where to go. Russia will never forgive them. They might do business, but House of Saud will forever be on Russia’s hit list as will Turkey. Putin is playing along with Erdogan but behind the scenes, he is going to make Erdogan pay a hefty price for is transgressions. At this point, Erdogan understands that if he does not submit to Putin, he will be toast. Iran is growing stronger, House of Saud is cracking up, and Syria is stabilising; additionally, if Putin Arms the Kurds they could cause substantial damage in Turkey. At this point the Kurds are already inflicting significant amounts of damage as Erdogan has Jailed all military leaders with experience, so what he now has is a bunch of pawns in charge with little to no experience.

Putin entered Syria less than two years ago, and in that time he has changed the way the World looks at America. Ten years from today, most individuals will have a hard time believing America was once the only dominant power in the world.  We say this with sadness because the American government and the American populace do not operate on the same lines. Americans, in general, are decent people, they have been brainwashed into taking many of their stances, the real crooks and cutthroats are the individuals in our government. They have not only betrayed their allies but more importantly, they double crossed their citizens.

The world is going to witness an explosion of radical leaders; individuals that refuse to bend over backwards for any nation.  These leaders will also coalesce around countries that respect these new boundaries and Russia, followed by China are leading the path in this area. The biggest changes will occur in Europe.

Some food for thought

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