Stop the warmongers-American politicians


Stop the warmongers

We will get to the warmongering story in a second. First, let’s look at this random story

We could sum it up in two words; Hot Money.  However, for some strange reason when it comes to the markets individuals happen to love long explanations even though in most cases the long explanations reveal a lot less than the short ones do.  Let’s look at a few things we do not pay attention to, but we know many investors do;

S&P 500 companies are going to report what will turn out to be the 6th consecutive quarter of lower stock market earnings.  Right off the bat logic tells you we were right when we said hot money. What else would keep this market trending higher?  This is one of the longest earning slumps in over a decade.

The next logical assumption would be “well then there is no way stocks can keep rising” or how long can they rise in a low stock market earnings environment. To get the right answer, you need to ask the right question. Both issues are silly, and an answer to either one will not provide you with any further insights.  One person will state it cannot rise because of the negative factors listed above. The other penguin will say it can rise because inflation is low, unemployment is low, gas prices are low and a host of other rubbishStock Market Earnings Recession Nothing to Fear

Stop the warmongers For heaven’s sake

The savage bombardment of Iraq in the first few days of the war, the so-called ‘shock and awe’, made sure that American bombs pulverised any infrastructure in that country. Millions of Iraqis have died in the decade-long sanctions preceding the war, in the war itself and in the bloody invasion that followed.

But Iraq was also a costly lesson for the American invaders. They learned that firepower alone is not enough to break the spirit of proud nations; that ‘smart bombs’ and the world’s most advanced killing technology are no guarantee for a real and lasting victory.  Full Story

Clinton seems to be a warmonger

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