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Navigating the Digital Landscape: Safeguarding Your Online Security

Protecting Your Digital Footprint: Essential Online Security Measures


We live in an age where privacy is almost an unheard-of concept. The government blatantly disregards all the laws in place to keep them in check. Today NSA seems obsessed with finding out what the average Joe is doing as opposed to spending time on issues that matter.   Now you have to worry about hackers and your government snooping on you.

However, you don’t have to take this sitting down.   We have scoured the net and found the best of the best in terms of programs that are a must if one is looking to reclaim their privacy and remain secure from prying eyes.  Best of all, these programs are available to you for free of charge. Security and privacy are not static issues. Constant vigilance is needed, for we live in an age where corporations and governments alike have lost control of what is legal and what is not.

The best firewall out there

Time after time, this firewall has been rated at the top for the past 10 years.

A top-rated Antivirus program

This program has a built-in sandbox feature, which allows you to isolate potentially dangerous programs. In other words, you can run these programs without worrying about infecting the rest of your system. It also has a built-in malware scanner and automatically scans the websites you visit, warning you in advance of any potentially dangerous websites. It also automatically blocks any malicious website from being opened. You can always unblock the site if you deem it necessary.

The best VPN program out there.

With all the tracking programs, hackers, and government snoops around, you need a VPN.  A VPN hides your IP and issues a new one. Thus, anyone trying to track you down cannot locate you.  However, many of these programs suffer from a flaw called an IP leak. This means that even though you appear anonymous, you are not, as the programs are leaking pieces of your IP address.

To add insult to injury, almost all these programs are paid programs; in essence, you are paying to be tracked down.  The VPN we provide you with is hosted in another country and has ultrafast servers and zero IP leak. This VPN lets you surf the web anonymously by using an array of international proxy servers to hide your actual IP address and encrypting all HTTP traffic between your computer and the remote servers. There is no IP leak whatsoever with this service.

Preventing dangerous programs from self-installing on your PC

This program’s sole goal is to prevent accidental acceptance of third-party sponsor offers during software installations. The program runs as a background service and monitors your software installations. If it detects unrelated requests, it automatically prevents them from being installed.  Online security is vital today as the web is full of hackers trying to get your information.

Hide your Mac-Id address.

If you are looking for complete anonymity, then you need to hide your Mac-Id address. We recommend this extra layer of security as we live in an age of deceit and distrust.   Even if you hide your IP address, your Mac address, a unique number assigned to each computer, can still be seen.  Think of this as the computer’s phone number displayed on a caller ID when making a call.  This program is ingenious in that instead of blocking the Mac Id address. It allows you to change it to whatever address you want.  You can change the lesson as many times as you like.  This is the only program that is not free, but the cost is so tiny for what it does that we felt it was essential to include it here.

The Top Adware Remover programs

This program provides core protection against internet threats. Featuring real-time antivirus and anti-spyware engines, rootkit protection, download protection and web filters for safe browsing, the product gives you the power to protect yourself online.

The Best Search Engine to use if you are looking for anonymity.

This search engine doesn’t track you.  Use a search engine without worrying about your data being collected. Hint, Google is not it, and neither is Yahoo or other popular search engines.

Send encrypted emails over the net.

If you want to send a quick encrypted message, use this service. It encrypts the news, and only the person with the passcode can decrypt it.

Strong password Generator

Use this free tool to generate robust, virtually impossible passwords to hack.

Hide and encrypt your files and or folders

You can do something that is truly out of the James Bond movies. First, encrypt your folders or files and here is an extensive list of programs reviewed and suggested for this purpose. We provide you with programs that allow you to do both and best of all. It’s free.

NASA Proof Email Service Provider

This is not a big company like Google or Yahoo, but they have some of the most intelligent minds working there, and what is incredible is that they offer this service for free………..  It is an easy-to-use email service with built-in end-to-end encryption and state-of-the-art security features.

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