Senior Property Housing Trust- A good dividend play with a 8% Yield

SNH (Senior Property Housing Trust)

It pays a high dividend of over 8%. It primarily invests in senior housing properties so its business is relatively stable, unlike commodities based companies, where the price of the commodity could soar to the moon or drop down into the pits of hell.

The weekly chart indicates the stock is oversold and there is a good chance that the stock could trade to and past 24.00 before the MACD’s trade in the overbought ranges.

The monthly charts paint a different story, which means that this stock is not a long term hold. If you are willing to hold it for a few months and then bank profits, it could be worth getting in now.

The safer route, if you are not in a hurry, would be to wait for the stock to pull back. We can see that once the MACD’s cross on the monthly charts the stock does shed quite a bit of weight. We are expecting the markets to pullback this year, and the pullback could be quite substantial.  It is possible that this stock could drop down to the 14 ranges again; at which point not only would it make for a great buy but the dividend would soar too. Patience has its rewards; dividend players might be interested in putting this play on their list of stocks to monitor.