Global Warming Myth: Many Scientists Seem To Think So

Global Warming MythEach problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.
Joseph Sugarman

Global Warming Myth; Some Scientists Seem To Think So

Climate is always changing. We have had ice ages and warmer periods when alligators were found in Spitzbergen. Ice ages have occurred in a hundred thousand year cycle for the last 700 thousand years, and there have been previous periods that appear to have been warmer than the present despite CO2 levels being lower than they are now. More recently, we have had the medieval warm period and the little ice age. (Richard Lindzen)

Greenhouse gasses – mainly CO2, but also methane – were involved in most of the climate changes in Earth’s past. When they were reduced, the global climate became colder. When they were increased, the global climate became warmer. When CO2 levels jumped rapidly, the global warming that resulted was highly disruptive and sometimes caused mass extinctions. Humans today are emitting prodigious quantities of CO2, at a rate faster than even the most destructive climate changes in earth’s past. Full Story

Global Warming Myth: views

By the way, that’s not us speaking,  but actual climate scientists. They say the latest government climate change report does a disservice to Americans by once again politicizing science and ignoring both real data and history.

The report’s conclusions are so extreme as to be laughable. For one, it predicts that the use of coal and other fossil fuels will destroy 10% of U.S. GDP by the end of the century. Those are nice projections since none of those who made them will be alive to see them proven totally false.

Equally bad, the report suggests, is that due to the greenhouse gas effect, U.S. temperatures will be 3 to 12 degrees hotter, leading to more wildfires and hurricanes, among other climate-related disasters. Such extreme numbers have never been found before in a major peer-reviewed study.

Nor do they factor in the effects of the fracking revolution, which the reports authors pretend hasn’t happened. Yet, by getting utilities and others to switch to natural gas and away from dirtier fossil fuels, the natural gas boom has led to a record decline in U.S. CO2 emissions.

“The Fourth National Climate Assessment offers no hard evidence, just vague assertions and claims that past climate change is no evidence about future climate change,” wrote Dr. Ken Haapala, president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project. “It earns the distinction that it does not meet the standards of the Information Quality Act, and each page should be stamped: ‘Based on speculation, not hard evidence.’

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The Tactical Investor take on this soap opera

Our stance is rather simple:  Don’t trust any of the evidence the government and corporations present and you would be better of flushing it down a toilet.  These two criminal groups do possess a lot of power, so it does not make sense to fight them; however, there is no need to believe the crap they are pushing out as science.

The masses have embraced this trend and until they wake up, there is no point fighting it.  Due to these misinformation wars, certain sectors like the coal sector have taken it on the chin.  Disaster is the secret code word for opportunity, and a time will come when this sector will make for a great long-term play. Hence, it is time to start looking for some prime candidates in this sector.

The developing world is not going to abandon this cheap and abundant source of energy; today’s coal-fired plants are much cleaner and operate far more efficiently than the old dirty, inefficient plants of yesteryear.

China and India and many other developing countries are already challenging this notion of Global warming as they continue to embrace coal-fired power plants.  Right now, there are approximately 2700 coal-fired powered plants that could come online as shown by the chart below

The world continues to build plants ignoring the global warming scam


The Global Warming Myth led To The Birth Of The Carbon Tax Scam 

Between 2008 and 2009, 1.6 billion euros were swindled in a huge carbon quota market scam dubbed the “fraud of the century”. On Monday, 36 people suspected of running the scheme’s largest operation went on trial in Paris.

At the head of the Marseille-based gang appearing before the judges this week is Christiane Melgrani, a former maths teacher who once managed a piano bar. The outspoken 59-year-old, known as “La Marseillaise”, had previously been sentenced for drug trafficking and sales tax fraud in telephone businesses.

Today, Melgrani stands accused of embezzling 385 million euros between April 2008 and March 2009 using the European Union’s carbon-trading scheme. She is suspected of helping to set up and run a large number of dummy companies used for money laundering from Marseille. Full Story

Trudeau Carbon Tax Scam

The reality is, Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is the biggest scam ever seen in Canadian history.

To start with, the carbon tax is obviously being used as a revenue extracting mechanism to steal money out of the pockets of working and middle-class Canadians, while well-connected corporations get sweetheart exemptions.

And this reveals a fundamental contradiction in Trudeau’s messaging on the carbon tax, which further shows how much of scam it is.

Trudeau is simultaneously saying that climate change is an existential crisis for Canada and that the carbon tax is necessary to fight that crisis while providing exemptions to big companies due to ‘competitiveness fears.’

In early August of 2018, the Trudeau government provided huge exemptions to large industrial emitters (but not the energy industry of course):

“Most firms that produce 50 megatons of carbon dioxide or similar levels of pollution a year won’t face any penalties until their emissions reach 80 per cent of the average within their specific industry. The previous limit was 70 per cent, according to a framework published July 27 by Canada’s environment ministry. The limit will rise to 90 per cent in four industries facing “high” competitive risks — producers of cement, iron and steel, lime and nitrogen fertilizers.”

‘Funny’ how the Canadian energy industry – struggling against brutal foreign competition – didn’t get those ‘competitive risks’ exemptions. Full Story


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