Russian PAK-50 spectacular Arial Display Puts F-35 to Shame

Russian PAK-50 spectacular Arial Display Puts F-35 to Shame

Russian PAK-50 spectacular Arial Display

Sometimes a picture is worth thousands of words, but a good video can be worth a million and in this instance that statement holds true. Watch this spectacular display of the T-50  Russian fighter Jet.  The Video is quite long but well worth the watch as you get to see some amazing moves.  The T-50 is truly a beautiful machine and it puts our F-35 programme to shame, especially in light of the fact that it was developed for a fraction of the money spent on the Garbage F-35.  After spending upwards of $400 billion, the Military finally concludes that it might be a piece of junk.

On a separate note, the video below lays waste to the claims made by a US Air Force general who had the audacity to state the F-35 would scare the Russians. Either he smoked at lot of crack or Lockheed paid him a small fortune to make this stupid statement

“From the Barents to the Baltics to the Black Sea now to the Mediterranean, we see a continual movement of the development of modern, long-range, layered surface-to-air missile systems that would counter and create uncertainty for freedom of movement in the areas covered by those systems,” Gorenc said. “Those systems extend far into territory that could adequately be described as self-protection.”

“I think that the F-35 is going do for NATO what the F-16 did, in the sense that many of the partners and many of the allies were flying it, and so we’re going share common tactics, techniques, procedures (TTPs), concepts of operations, we’re going to leverage the logistics systems the training system,” Gorenc said. “I think that’s going go a long way to providing the interoperability that we strive for in the NATO concept.

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Is that thing even jet propelled? With the way it maneuvers I think you could be forgiven for wondering if the damn thing floats on air.

This should be compared with the F-22 Raptor, which is a dogfighter. The F-35 is not designed for 1:1 dogfighting. F-35 is flawed but the program can be turned around and the aircraft made useful. F-35 is designed for fighting as a group with extensive data sharing using longer range standoff distance weapons. Each one is a mini-AWACS. If it works there will be no dogfight, it kills other aircraft before they are in visual range. Other programs were bad during initial fielding but later became successful, such as the Eagle, the Osprey, the M1 Abrams, etc. Sad part is how long it is taking and how much it has cost. They should build another 200 F-22s with F-35 derived avionics for air supremacy, and use the F-35 for attack aircraft.