Russia considers opening military base in Cuba to counter US aggression

Russia considers opening military base in Cuba to counter US aggression

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia has come up with a list of countries where it’s considering opening military bases. They include Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Vietnam, according to Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti news agency. “The talks are under way,” Shoigu told reporters in Moscow.

I don’t see any chance of that happening,” said Gregory Weeks, the chairman of the department of political science and public administration at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “I don’t think Cuba want this. Cuba just spent years trying to improve relations with the U.S. If they allow Russia to open a military base, all that would blow up.”

Russia pulled out of Cuba and Vietnam in the early 2000s as part of efforts to lower its military presence and improve ties with the United States. They included closing it Lourdes signals intelligence base in Cuba and the Cam Rahn naval base in Vietnam, which the country is considering reopening. Full Story

This is what we call wishful thinking and not accepting the new reality.  Right now there is an over 90% chance that Russia will open a base in Cuba but also in several South American and Central American nations. Moreover, this time if there is a “Cuban Crisis” we can virtually guarantee that it will not be the Russians that will back down.  The comments below illustrate just how angry the Russian Bear is

“Western media fakes that they are virgins—like old prostitutes, they pour disinformation with an endless gush, in the most obvious, clumsy way—winning with quantity, by Goebbels’ script, and completely forgetting common sense. It is unclear why Russians hackers would need to steal documents and to forge them, if one can simply forge them in the first place.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commenting on the alleged role of Russia in hacking Clinton’s emails, “There are so many ‘pussies’ around your presidential campaign—on both sides.”

He then goes on to state “We do not deny it because nothing has been proven,” Lavrov said. “[It is] flattering, of course, for a ‘regional power.’

 “If they decide to do something let them do it,” Lavrov stated in response to a tweet from McFaul’s who stated that the US could mount a counter attack; McFaul later deleted the tweet

Putin chimes in too:  “Everyone is talking about ‘who did it’—but is it that important? The most important thing is the information in the hacked files.”

Do these responses look like they are coming from a nation that is scared; they are ready to push the envelope to the limit. Russia has already deployed advanced missile system to Kaliningrad that can knock out the so-called defence shield, and this system can be equipped to fire nuclear missiles. Russia and China have joined forces and are now seeking to drive the US out of Asia, the Middle-East and eventually Europe. Look at how China has seduced the Filipino president; he is no longer opposing them as his predecessor and is openly calling for closer relations.

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