Real life doppelgangers

AI crimes

June 27, 2023

AI Perils Unleashed: Brace Yourself for Real Life Doppelgängers

The video below sheds light on the perils associated with AI, emphasising how even average individuals now possess the capabilities of super hackers. The exponential growth of AI raises concerns about the potential power that real super hackers could wield in the future. Now is the time to assume a defensive stance and take decisive action. In this update, we offer some suggestions to guide you further. The rapid advancement of the AI cycle has outpaced our initial expectations. We were among the first to recognise and discuss the immense potential of AI, even during a time when it seemed like a mere fantasy. We used to jest about “body shops” where one could walk in and have any body part replaced, and now we find ourselves on the verge of 3D organ printing becoming a reality:

AI is advancing rapidly, and currently, it can generate text, audio, and even visual content that completely resembles a specific individual if provided with sufficient data to emulate them. Hence, it’s absolutely vital to establish secret phrases/codes with family members as a precautionary measure. This will help safeguard against one of the significant threats to people’s wealth.

First and foremost, enhancing your password’s strength is paramount. It is essential to ensure they cannot be compromised by the computing power available today or at least a thousand years.

Consider the example provided below; suffice to say, it won’t be cracked tomorrow.

To assess the strength of your password, use this link:

If AI can achieve this today, just imagine what it will accomplish tomorrow. FYI simple passwords can be cracked in seconds.

Fraudsters Cloned Company Director’s Voice In $35 Million Scam

In early 2020, a Japanese company branch manager in Hong Kong was tricked by fraudsters using “deep voice” technology to clone the director’s speech. Believing it was legitimate, the manager transferred $35 million for an acquisition. The United Arab Emirates is investigating the case, involving at least 17 individuals and global bank transfers. This is the second known case of such fraud, highlighting the growing threat of AI-generated deep fakes in cybercrime. Experts warn about the dangers of audio deep fakes and the need for better authentication methods. Companies are working on detecting synthesised voices to prevent fraud. Beware of sharing audio recordings online, as they can be misused without your knowledge.

Full details can be found here:

They thought loved ones were calling for help. It was an AI scam.

A couple in Saskatchewan, Canada, fell victim to an impersonation scam where a fraudster mimicked their grandson’s voice, asking for cash bail. The rise of technology has made it easier for scammers to convincingly imitate voices, targeting vulnerable individuals like the elderly. In the US alone, there were over 36,000 reports of impostor scams in 2022, resulting in losses of over $11 million. Advancements in AI allow scammers to replicate voices with just a few sentences, making it difficult for authorities to track and hold the perpetrators accountable. This trend highlights the need for better regulation and awareness to combat these increasingly sophisticated scams.

Full details:

The Rise of AI Voice Cloning: Impersonation, Vulnerabilities, and Deception

Microsoft recently unveiled an AI system that can recreate a person’s voice after just three seconds of listening. This technology, exemplified by the AI named VALL-E, raises concerns about the potential for identity replication. Journalists have demonstrated the ability to access bank accounts and government services using AI-generated versions of their own voices. Voice cloning is being exploited by scammers, and security experts have found vulnerabilities in voiceprint security systems used by organisations like Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office. The use of AI-generated voices can deceive individuals into believing they are communicating with someone they know.

More details:

This is merely the initial phase, with the first incident taking place in 2020. Since then, hackers have made remarkable progress, and the situation is expected to worsen considerably. Every facet of our distinctive identity can be replicated, resulting in a digital duplication of ourselves in an alternate realm. Establishing a robust backup system is crucial as this trend is anticipated to undergo exponential growth.

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