Tactical Investor Privacy Policy

Tactical Investor Privacy Policy

Tactical Investor Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • The Privacy Policy applies during the full duration of use of Our Service(s). The personal information collected from users will be managed according to our privacy policy.
  • This Privacy Policy does not apply to individuals or firms who do not directly use Tactical Investor services.


Use of Information

  • The personal information we request from User(s) is limited to the minimum necessary.
  • Information, including IP addresses, cookies, visited pages, devices, etc. are automatically received from the user’s browser or app and saved onto our servers.
  • Tactical Investor may use the information for the following reasons.
    1. In order to improve Our Service(s).
    2. In order to offer new services and correct information to User(s).
    3. To contact users if needed.
    4. In order to provide better conditions for User(s).


Personal Information

  • Tactical Investors will never sell or lend out personal information acquired from users.
  • However, Tactical Investors may release personal information for the following reasons.
    1. When requested by official facilities such as the court or the police.
    2. If there are any life-threatening reasons or emergencies.
    3. When required to provide Service(s) to User(s).
    4. When companies entrusted by Tactical Investor require the information to provide Service(s) to Users. (These companies are not allowed to use the personal data for any other purposes.)
    5. When it’s considered necessary to protect Tactical Investor’s rights and/or assets against User(s) violations of the Terms of Use.



  • For security reasons, Tactical Investor requires password access to all Tactical Investor user information.
  • SSL code is used to protect your information in the event of data transfers.


Amendments to the Privacy Policy

  • Tactical Investor retains the right to amend and/or alter the Privacy Policy in part or full.
    (We will inform Users of any essential changes on the Tactical Investor website.)

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