Perception Is The Key To Everything-If used correctly


Everything is based on perception, and these perceptions are determined by the filters one has created over the years. Public education, TV, Peer pressure, society, religion, social media, etc. all help shape and define these false filters.

By the ripe age of 18, the average person is just a walking zombie having amassed so many filters that the top players can manipulate these individuals with ease. One of the most effective ways to reduce the number of filters you have created is to stop viewing TV for at least six weeks. You can still get your daily dose of poison via some print media, but social media and TV should be eliminated. After six weeks, the brain will have data to compare the before and after effects of TV and mass media. Most individuals with a shred of common sense will automatically decide that both of these so-called essential items are worth less than the cheapest toilet paper on the market.

anxiety indexbull bear neutral-chart

Alter the angle of perception and in doing so you alter the outcome

So, what’s the point of this small ramble. Well look at the data above, and you will understand why the masses continue to hop, skip and jump right into the frying pan. They continue to focus on the very thing they should not be concentrating on; seeking guidance from experts that are not experts. When it comes to the markets, one would be better served by asking for investment advice from a member of ward 12. We are confident, though, that compared to most experts, monkey’s with darts would provide better guidance.

Yet the masses desperately seek advice on a topic they have no clue about, they don’t know how the markets operate, they don’t know what the main driving force behinds the markets are, but they do know that most experts know nothing. And yet they go to these same jackasses looking for an answer that will invariably lead to a dismal outcome. This is not only the classic definition of madness but an explicit confirmation that the masses are plagued with the secret desire to lose syndrome. No one would go out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot, yet when it comes to the markets that’s precisely what the crowd does.

In such a polarised, mad or whatever over the top label you would like to assign to this market, one would not expect to find the number of bulls and bears to be evenly matched. The Nasdaq is trading at new highs (going forward the Nasdaq is the king), and the Nasdaq is the main index to follow until the Dow (highly unlikely but anything is possible) decides to retake its title. And interestingly, the number of individuals in the neutral camp continues to trend upwards. Now we could go into a monotonous epilogue as to why this is taking place, but that is the favoured route of experts, so we will opt-out. Experts love to use a lot of fancy words, describing nothing in the process and arrive at a conclusion that would make a jackass look like a genius.

The above data if one utilises the most basic principles of Mass Psychology, states that the masses are bloody lost. They don’t know what the hell is going on and so like blind rats they are hopping from one sinking ship to another in the hope of buying just a little bit more time. Hence the label we assigned to this market earlier appears to be appropriate “the market of disorder” and unlike most markets where we would generally give a new label to the market every 12 to 24 months. This label is going to stick until this market runs into a brick wall. However, keep in mind that not even one brick has been laid yet, so that brick wall has a long way to go before it’s completed. Translation, this bull market is going to drive everyone, and we mean everyone, bulls, bears and the neutrals insane. Only the trend player will survive.

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