Michael Caine voting for Brexit: rather be a poor master than a rich servant

Michael Caine voting for Brexit

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Michael Caine voting for Brexit

British actor Michael Caine, who voted for a British exit from the European Union in the June 23 referendum, said he would rather be a poor master than a rich servant and that post-Brexit Britain would endure

“I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant,” Caine was quoted as saying by Sky News.

“I voted for Brexit,” Caine said. “It wasn’t about the racism, immigrants or anything, it was about freedom.”

The June 23 Brexit vote took many investors and chief executives by surprise,

Trigering the deepest political and financial turmoil in Britain since World War Two and the biggest ever one-day fall in sterling against the dollar.

The UK and the EU now have until the end of March 2019 to agree on the terms of the Brexit divorce and reach a separate deal on the shape of their future trading relationship.

The outcome of the negotiations will shape the future of Britain’s $2.6 trillion economy, the world’s fifth biggest, and determine whether London can keep its place as one of the top two global financial centers. Full Story

“In politics you’re always going into areas you’ve never been before, so you’re always going to get lost and then you’re going to find your way, and then it’ll be alright.”

Latest Developments on Brexit

Row erupts as stalling EU says it might NOT discuss UK deal next month

Neither eurocrats nor member states have accepted Mrs May’s request to add Brexit to the agenda for the summit in Salzburg on September 20.

Downing Street insists Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz, who is hosting the summit, has agreed for Brexit to be at the top of the agenda.

However, no such message has been heard from Austria, and EU Council chief Donald Tusk remains undecided.

An EU ambassador said leaders would be unimpressed if the Prime Minister fails to present a fresh idea to the table.

They told the Sun: “The suggestion was done by the British side. It has not been commented on by Mr Tusk nor by any other EU leader.

“Kurz has not accepted that at all or acknowledged it, he just took note of this wish by the British prime minister.

“We don’t know what we should be discussing in Salzburg. We haven’t got a clue because there’s nothing on the table. It’s not on the agenda.”

UK officials stand their ground and say Mr Kurz “confirmed” to Mrs May that Brexit would be added to the agenda after their meeting on July 27.

The informal meeting next month could be a way for Mrs May to sell her Chequers plan vision directly to leaders.

Susan Hall, Conservative economy spokeswoman on the London Assembly, seized on the positive trends and Mayor Khans past warnings about the dangers of Brexit.

She said: “Since the UK voted to leave the EU two years ago, London’s economy has thrived and employment now stands at a record of almost six million.

“The Chequers plan may well have been a better step than they had before but it was never going to last.”

“It is about getting it through the system, it is about getting Westminster to support it. The Scottish Government can’t on their own decide the kind of Brexit the UK is going to have. Full Story


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