Russian military Intervention In Syrian Civil War

 Russian military Intervention In Syrian Civil War

Russian Military Intervention In Syrian Civil War

Obama, Insane Erdogan and the fanatic House of Saud did their best to try to and oust Assad but without success but they still sing the same pathetic song that the Syrian President Assad has to go for there to be peace.  Hey, who started this war? Not Assad, it was the U.S that illegally sought a regime change and armed bloodthirsty terrorists who they randomly labelled as moderate Terrorists. Here you have the biggest terrorist organization on earth calling other terrorist moderate terrorists, Tell us another Joke.

Now that Russia has joined the war and decimated the rebels, the only individuals capable of demanding anything are the Russians, and the Russians are insisting that Assad should stay.  Hence, there is no debate and no matter how loudly the U.S bitches nothing is going to change.  The Russians proved once and for all that the U.S was lying in the four years, it was in Syria. Instead of dropping bombs on ISIS, they were dropping bombs on empty fields or hospitals and killing innocent people.  The game in the Middle East has changed forever.  The new head honcho is Russia and the new leader in that area are going to be Iran.

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Instead of lending “a helping hand to Syria to overcome the crisis…this Turkish government…became one of the main support bases for these terrorist organizations,” Jaafari said, according to Syria’s official news agency, SANA. He called for all countries that arm militant groups in Syria to be held accountable according to international resolutions. Jaafari’s remarks come after U.S. Vice President Joe Biden reportedly criticized Turkey earlier this month for allowing militants to cross the border into Syria.Full Story

US President Barack Obama is wasting his time calling again for the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “in order for the country to have peace and stability.” Iran, Russia, and most importantly, the people of Syria and the United Nations Security Council say that’s not going to happen. The Council has just adopted…

So Why Did Russia Intervene?

  • The decision to intervene in Syria in 2015 resulted from an extraordinary confluence of political drivers and military-enabling factors.
  • Three political factors emerge as primary drivers of the decision: the perception that an adverse military outcome—the collapse of the Assad regime—was imminent and that it could be prevented by intervening; the belief that this outcome would have had grave security implications; and the view that alternative means (e.g., diplomacy) had proven futile.
  • Several enabling military factors specific to Syria constituted necessary preconditions for the intervention: air access to the theatre, permission to use ports and airbases, and the presence of allies on the ground.
  • Intervention short of the direct, overt use of the military seen in Syria in 2015, but greater than mere diplomacy, requires that the conflict in question present a high level of threat (as in Afghanistan), promise significant geopolitical benefits (as in Libya), or demonstrate moderate levels of both (as in Syria pre-2015).
  • Russia is unlikely to intervene on a scale comparable to the 2015 action in Syria in any of the other three countries examined in the report—Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan. The drivers for such an action are currently absent.
  • However, should the drivers that were present in Syria emerge, Russia is likely to increase its involvement.
  • The threshold for interventions of a smaller scale could plausibly be met in a variety of country settings, which suggests that there are likely to be more of these in the future. Full Story

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