Easy Era over for Black lives matter under Trump

Easy Era over for Black lives matter under Trump

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a major policy change yesterday that will likely have broad and real consequences for people of color around the country. At a meeting of state attorneys general on Tuesday, Sessions said that the Justice Department would “pull back” on the federal scrutiny of police departments for civil rights violations against people of color.

“Rather than dictating to local police how to do their jobs, or spending scarce federal resources to sue them in court, we should use our money, research, and expertise to help them figure out what is happening and determine the best ways to fight crime,” Sessions said Tuesday.

Sessions is referring to the Obama-era policy of launching civil rights investigations into troubled police departments involved in the killings of unarmed minorities. The new attorney general was dismissive of police perpetrated shootings, even suggesting that viral videos—such as the ones showing the deaths of Philando Castile or Tamir Rice—were making life more difficult for police officers Full Story

Another trend we predicted would gain traction just after Trump was elected and it is already coming into play.  Groups like this like the boy that “cried wolf” one time too many will find out that now when they need help, no one will pay attention when he or she beg on their bended knees.

America is going to move deeper and deeper into “police state” zone. In fact, that is what all these bitter battles will lead to; even the most freedom loving politician will be forced into conceding and taking this position in the face of what is yet to come.  There is a war going on that no one is paying attention to; it is the perception war, and it is the deadliest type of attack that can take place. No one notices it because it is taking place in broad daylight and the masses attention is being directed to fictional issues.

For example; the over-fixation on Trump’s Russian connection; maybe there is a link, and maybe there is no connection. However, the bigger question is why did no one make a noise over Hillary and the large uranium deal she helped foster with Russia or for the unbelievably large speaking fees Bill received for some incredibly dumb and stupid speeches that in some cases did not even last two hours.

Why was there no in-depth inquiry into the huge amount of money Obama gave to Iran as part of the deal he made with them, and the list goes on and on?  Forget about who is right or wrong; we are not going to get into that for it does not matter.  The truth today is subjective as perceptions are being manipulated to such a high degree that the truth comes down to the individuals that have the ability to control the perception of the masses.

This is why the masses are doomed to lose, for they do not think on an individual basis, like a herd of cattle they follow the leader to whatever destination he might lead them too.  If you refuse to think, then you have no right to blame those that have the ability to alter your perception, for you have given them this ability willingly. It is easy to break free; refuse to accept the outcome that is being broadcasted 24/7 and start to dig.  

What those that despise Trump continually fail to understand this;  If they get rid of Trump, his replacement will be even more radical. We have a very dominant trend in play, and it is not going to end soon. Trump is no saint but what his presidency has shown is how the entire political system is rotten and how the press has been bought and paid for decades ago.

They are resisting change and a day will come when all those that tried to resist this trend change, will wish the person they were dealing with was Trump.   It is futile to resist a trend in motion; if you disagree with what is taking place or the new trend, then your best option is to move to the zone of neutrality.


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