Islamophobia on the rise in US-But so is Islam

Islamophobia on the rise in US-But so is Islam

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Crowd Psychology reveals that the central bankers have no option but to inflate the money supply. The Fed has embraced to the Inflate to infinity paradigm; they will not stop till there is a major currency meltdown and waiting for such an event could prove to be an exercise in futility. It would be far better to keep an eye on the masses and see where they are heading as they will provide an early warning signal that the end is near. When the masses turn bullish and start to jump up and sing “Kumbaya my love”, the end will be nigh. At the moment the masses are still too anxious for this market to crash as illustrated by our proprietary “Anxiety Index”.

If the Fed stopped propping the markets, then this stock market bull would get a heart attack and die tomorrow, but this is not the case. The Fed is about to embrace negative rates, and that is going to be like dumping a tanker of gasoline on a raging fire. Don’t fight the trend for the trend is your friend while everything else is your foe.Investor Anxiety; Rocket Fuel for Unloved Stock Market Bull

Islamophobia on the rise in US

Studies show that Islamophobia is rising in the US and its trend that shows no signs of letting up.

“We’re still running a 24-hour hotline at O’Hare airport, and we’ve seen the steady flow of calls since the [U.S.] Supreme Court upheld the Muslim ban last summer, and our office has seen a steady increase in reports of discrimination targeted at the Muslim-American community,” Sohel said.

The ISPU report found that Jewish and Hispanic Americans are most favourable toward Muslims, and white evangelicals were the least. About 44% of white evangelicals held unfavourable views on Muslims. The study also revealed that those with Islamophobic views were also least likely to know a Muslim person. Full Story

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