India and Pakistan Conflict Erupts in along the deadly disputed border

India and Pakistan Conflict Erupts in along the deadly disputed border

Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor

India and Pakistan Conflict Erupts

This is what we stated in the last market update (our paid subscription service):

V readings have shot up 200 points since the last update

We can also state that the political situation in America and Europe is going to get a lot more volatile and we mean insanely more volatile. Violence will soar in Europe and America, some parts of South America, the majority of the Middle East and to a smaller degree in Asia. Overall, Asia will be moving towards a more peaceful time except for a few hotspots such as North Korea, Pakistan and parts of India.

North Korean keeps get hotter and hotter, and things are flaring up between Pakistan and India. The word in general based on our religious provocation Index and Volatility Indicator is moving towards a period of more violence. However, there are zones that are going to experience a de-escalation in violence. Believe it or not, Russia, Indonesia, and many parts of Eastern Europe will experience more peace in the years to come.

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