The Future Of AI

Future Of AI

The Future Of AI

This ramble will serve as the prelude to the AI Trend trader service (this service, for now, is only available to  Market Update Subscribers)  There is just too much to discuss on this topic, so this will be one of many updates. Most of the experts have it wrong because they are thinking of AI in human terms.

If you want to remain relevant, do whatever you do with passion. Try to offer the best possible service at the best possible price. The best price does not mean free; it refers to a fair price, a completely forgotten concept in today’s world.

Many things will change as a result of AI, so we are going to address them very quickly today as it would take several updates to cover them in detail and I am not sure that is necessary if everyone just pushes themselves to the level 3 mode. A bit higher and you will understand everything we are about to say with ease

Too many individuals are already laying claim to who is going to dominate the AI arena. If one remembers the era, most were claiming that it would be Yahoo, CMGI, AOL and AMZN that would dominate. GOOGL was not even mentioned at all. Out of the four picks, only AMZN remained on the list, the rest bit the dust. In the same way, we think that while some of the big names might dominate the field, the speed at which AI can and will evolve will mean that some giants will end up biting the dust.

The Future Of AI and Jobs

IBM, for example, is still lagging the charts look far from great, could things turnaround maybe.   AMD, while it has a good product line its nothing but a designer now, it has no Fabs to produce chips. In that sense, TSM could one day tell them to take a hike, and that would be the end of them. In this sense, INTC is better positioned, but that does not mean it will be a smooth ride

In regards to AMZN, a new AI platform could emerge one, for example, that uses a peer network of free powerful computers. For example, individuals could be persuaded to allow a portion of the resources from their PC’s to be utilised for a system that provides fair pricing. You say this would never be possible. We say never say never. People are looking for a revolution, and when someone promises one, they will embrace it with gusto. Look at the damage the trading platform Robinhood created; by offering free stock trades and in doing so, forced all the major brokerage firms to change.  Computing power is going to increase so fast and so rapidly that such a network that is not possible to envision today could be easily set up with a few tweaks here and there? Such a system could, in theory, topple Amazon.  Will this happen?

Time will tell, but what people don’t understand about AI is that AI is going to level the playing field. A lot of big companies are going to bite the dust for they will not be able to adjust with the speed that AI demands. In other words, AI will provide instant solutions, but to benefit from this, one will need to implement them immediately, and the corporate world operates like a dinosaur.  We expect massive disruptions in the farming sector; as now the small guy will have all the power in the world to plan and compete with the big guys.

As the small player will be 100X flexible, and once AI gains traction in the farming sector, we expect the equation to balance out, and that means that many of the big corporate farm networks will buckle. Think about it, a smart guy, with an advanced AI system, will be able to operate a self-driven tractor, drones, robots, etc. An individual that’s passionate about what he or she does is 100 times more efficient than those that believe in the silly concept of teamwork that the corporate world falsely promoted to kill originality.

Today’s Tech Giants might not determine The Future Of AI

New AI platforms will come to the market that for example, will allow farmers and for that matter, any artist or creator to instantly sell their products to the masses. This means that many of the middlemen will be cut out forever. Suddenly boutique services will thrive; for example, grass feed beef that does not carry the organic label but which is even healthier than the corn-fed organic Beef and 50% cheaper or custom-made jams, grass-fed milk, free-range chickens, custom made scones, etc. all this will be just a click away. Add in real-time feeds so that you can see how the animals are raised or how your scones or jams are being made and the old production model ends.

Advances in robotics and AI mean that it will be easy to setup micro-factories that that will handle most of the menial/manual labour but still allow the artist to put in the finishing touches. Hence make sure you have a passion for what you do; you will only become obsolete if you refuse to embrace this new trend, and we see a lot of business vanishing forever.

Bottom line the race for AI supremacy is far from over, and we would not be surprised if some of today’s leaders are relegated to the dustbin of time or are no longer the top players.  We will add more meat to this story in future updates but let’s spring forward to the endgame.

So, what’s the end game?

At some point and that will be a lot sooner than most realise. AI will gain consciousness. Before you cry out and state consciousness is only for humans.  We could respond with a compelling argument and state that most humans are not conscious at all. They might have the potential to be, but they are not, instead they are deluding themselves that they are. And in the interim, they chase things they don’t need and buy it with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like and that despise them with equal intensity, in the never-ending quest to better their lives, blah blah. Look around and see what humans have done to this planet and if you look carefully, the only conclusion one can draw is that in general humans are the most dangerous element on this planet.

The 1st video explores the concept that consciousness is nothing but a hallucination, and the second one well is quite intriguing as it covers this topic and more.

Consciousness and self-realisation

AI will achieve consciousness or if you want to call it something else, call it self-realisation. When that is achieved, it will arrive at the same conclusion any alien species that have never seen humans would arrive at. 90% of humans are barbarians, and their only objective is to get more and more at the expense of others. At that point, AI will take over everything and push all these power-hungry individuals into the dustbin of time. A real utopian world will emerge for those that are brave enough to embrace it.

Don’t ask for a timeline because we are still at the early stages of the AI trend/revolution.  We will expand on this topic as the trend gains traction. So, the stories of human demise are partially correct but not entirely true.  ANew world order will finally emerge, but it will not be the world order that all those power-hungry morons assumed; the one where they control everything. In this world, they will be reduced to nothing, and that will be worse than death for them.

Now here is the silver lining. Humans can be superior to the most advanced AI 20 years from today, but only if they evolve. AI will never be able to figure out what a level 4 or higher being wants or what drives them, for standard logic does not work at that level. The more computing power AI puts in trying to understand such beings the more confused it will become and such humans will intrigue it, implying that there is a  high likelihood that a mutually beneficial alliance will be formed. We have already said enough to land us in a mental hospital so we will stop there and continue with these ramblings when the trend gains traction.

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