Europe Immigration crisis: Europe’s Far Right Rises

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Europe Immigration crisis

Europe Immigration crisis

The situation is heating up tremendously in the world. Erdogan’s deranged move of shooting the Russian Su-24 indicates that he is going out of his way to drag NATO into a war with Russia.  Educated Turks cannot stand up to him, he either kills them or jails them. A top Kurdish lawyer was killed, and two Journalists that proved that Turkey was supplying weapons to ISIS were held on trumped-up charges. Additionally, he even had the guts to detain two of his own generals, who stopped a truck full of arms that were going to ISIS.  Erdogan is doing everything he can to radicalise Turkey.

Erdogan made a grievous error when he downed the Russian bomber.  Putin is going to use Erdogan’s as an example of what Russia will do to those who go out of their way to harm his people.   Erdogan has just propelled Putin’s popularity and is now forcing Europeans to see Putin in a new light.  Europe’s support for sanctions against Russia is going to lose their lustre very fast. Expect many members of the EU to start voicing their concerns rather loudly.

Europe Immigration crisis: The Trend Indicates Outlook will worsen

Our religious provocation index soared to new highs so we can expect more violence all over the world. We are going to see a massive uptick of violence in Europe.  Remember, what we stated last year, it is coming to pass. We stated that the quiet and friendly Europeans would stop opening their arms and instead clench their fists.  The next stage for them is the drawing of their swords or guns and then. Unfortunately, all hell is set to break loose. The transformation has been shocking, and we have not seen the worst yet. Far right-wing parties are surging in popularity all across Europe, and a lot of them are going to hold strong positions of power shortly.  We are going to witness the stage where extremely harsh measures are passed to deal with members that belong to different cultural and religious groups.  Some of these measures will shock the world. Nothing can be done now to stop this trend, now that it’s in motion. It will have to run its course.

 5 Facts Explain the Worrying Rise of Europe’s Far-Right

Economic instability, populist politicians, and a refugee wave is changing the face of politics in Europe

Another round of elections, another push from increasingly vocal nationalists. Austria’s far-right Freedom Party gave the Social Democrats a run for their money in local elections over the past weekend but fell short of capturing Vienna’s mayoralty. What started as an oddity in European politics has quickly become a disturbing pattern. These five facts explain the rise of the radical right in Europe, its causes and its implications for the region.

In the first six months of 2015, Sweden took in 75,000 refugees. For years, this country had one of the West’s most generous asylum policies, accepting twice as many refugees per capita than its European peers. No country seemed to better represent the ideals of openness and tolerance toward outsiders. But recent opinion polls show the Swedish Democrats, a group with neo-Nazi ties, atop the board with more than 25 percent of the vote. Five years ago, they won just 5.7 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections.

Europe Immigration crisis & The rise of Europe’s far-right

As a backlash against immigration grows, ultra-right parties are gaining adherents across Europe. How strong are they? Here’s everything you need to know:

What do these parties stand for?

Far-right parties have been gaining across the EU for several years, as nations that were once nearly entirely white and Christian have absorbed large numbers of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. These parties are right wing in a very European sense: They tend to be nationalistic, favoring promotion of Christian values and strict limits on immigration, but also support a strong welfare state for native Europeans.

Their overarching theme is that the benefits of a country should go to the Europeans who were born there and pay taxes there, not to newcomers. In last year’s elections to the European Parliament, the EU’s legislative body, far-right parties gained enough seats to have their own bloc, which gives them access to EU funding. Led by Marine Le Pen of France’s National Front, the group includes the Dutch Party of Freedom, Italy’s Lega Nord, and the Austrian Freedom Party.

If you are living in Europe, it’s time to buckle down for a while;  things might look bad right now, but this is the calm before the storm. The next stage is going to be where the Europeans respond with extreme violence.  The religious wars are now going to explode in Europe. The clash of civilisations is now fully underway.

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