Chinese Economist-China Headed for a Great Depression

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Chinese Economist-China Headed for a Great Depression

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

China Headed for a Great Depression

China’s economy is heading into a long growth recession. A period of declining economic growth that is. But don’t blame the US-China trade war for it — blame the way China has been trying to get rich in the post-Great Recession era.

There was a time China was building the right wealth: factories that produced competitive products, and bridges and roads to connect cities and towns. These were investments that created job and income opportunities for the Chinese people, while they expanded the productive capacity of the economy.

China was also building homes and apartments where people could live in and raise a family.

China's Equity Market Has Underperformed India and Emerging Markets Ishares

“In the 1990s and early 2000s, the country enjoyed expanding access to foreign markets and technology,” says Michael Beckley in a recent article in Foreign Affairs. “China was nearly self-sufficient in food, water, and energy resources, and it had the greatest demographic dividend in history, with eight working-age adults for every citizen aged 65 or older.”  Forbes

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