China Rewards Moderate Muslims & Harshly Punishes Radicals

Does China treat all Muslims badly?

China Rewards Moderate Muslims & Harshly Punishes Radicals


According to Al Jezzera, the answer appears to be no; they seem to deal very harshly with radicals and implement laws that are meant to send a message to the radicals.  The Hui Muslims are treated fairly, no bans are placed on them, and they live in harmony with the Han, who make up the main ethnic body of the Chinese population.  Read the article and decide for yourself.

The harsh reality of China’s Muslim divide

The Muslim Hui people have assimilated harmoniously with the Han majority, while Uighurs in the west have not.

Yinchuan, China – The Muslim Hui are an anomaly in China, an ethnic minority granted significant autonomy and allowed to devoutly follow their religion in a region where Islam thrives.

The ancient Silk Road trade route cut through what is today the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, luring Muslim traders from afar. Descendants of Arab and Persian merchants travelled here in the 7th century and many settled, planting the roots of Islam in the heart of China. About half the country’s 20 million Muslims are from the Hui ethnic group.

“The government gives people a religion-training program to develop Islam. The Han respect us, and we respect them, too.”

Muslims were persecuted in Ningxia during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and ‘70s, but today Islam flourishes. More than 400 mosques dot the region, and Islamic schools have produced some 7,000 imams – or Islamic clerics known locally as ahongs. While Muslim Uighurs of Turkic descent in the far west face harsh religious restrictions and repression, the Hui have been afforded much more political and religious freedom by Beijing. Observers say it is their friendly historical relations with the ethnic majority Han that is the difference.

“The different cultures have merged in this place harmoniously,” says Ma Zhang Wen, the imam of Xinhua Mosque.

Ma, 38, has been an imam for the last 15 years in Yinchuan, Ningxia’s capital, about 1,300 kilometres northwest of Beijing.

“The government gives people a religion-training program to develop Islam. The Han respect us, and we respect them, too,” Ma says.

Economic revival

According to official data, there are 6.3 million people in Ningxia, and 2.2 million are Hui.

The impoverished region faced hard times but has seen a revival in recent years. Islam has helped rejuvenate the economy, and Ningxia has developed economic ties to Arab and Muslim countries.

Ningxia’s halal food industry, for example, is worth about $700m a year, according to government statistics.  The region’s gross domestic product reached 206 billion yuan (US$33bn) in 2011, an annual increase of 12 percent.

“Peoples’ lives in Ningxia are getting better and better. We don’t feel discrimination or inequality,” says the imam Ma.A young Hui woman sorts through her vegetables [Al Jazeera]

The government’s move to nurture the region’s economic growth has helped. “The western development policy encourages us to develop the economy, and we have witnessed a dramatic change,” he says.

Bao Hongbiao, a researcher at the Ningxia Academy of Social Sciences, says gearing products toward Islamic markets has paid off for Ningxia’s Muslim community. “Muslim food and religious goods are showing fast growth, providing products to other provinces and exporting them to Central Asia and other Muslim regions,” says Bao. Full Story

[color-box color=”green”]We have spent so much time on this issue to highlight one simple point. Islam is not a problem per say; the problem is allowing individuals who come from other countries to demand special treatment. The rule of the land should be if you come to my house, you need to follow my rules and regulations. If you do not like them, you are free to leave, but no special treatment that goes against my mode of living will be even entertained. . Instead, what is going on today is a stranger walks into your home and tells you which laws he will follow, which laws you need to implement, what time he will come and go and what food he will eat. And worst of all he is staying in your house free of charge.  Do you see why this cannot work and why it will eventually lead to a massive fallout? Russia and China have both decided this is not the route that they will follow. 

 Now Europe and eventually America will understand that this is the only path that works but for some countries in Europe, it might be too little too late.  The Nordic countries and many of those from Eastern Europe (such as Serbia, Hungary, etc.) still have a good chance of reversing the tide. Believe it or not, a lot of countries In Europe are going to abandon the U.S. for Russia and China.  England, France, and Germany are going to have the hardest times reversing the tide, and if they decide to change their stance, the fallout will be very large in those nations.

For a long time, we have stated that someone wanted to this to occur for War is a great business. One should not blame any single religious group, but the individuals that purposely planned this in advance of the event.  They allowed certain members of Islam to encourage radicalism without meting out severe punishment.  The pain for those who break the rules should be so severe that the next generation remembers it; otherwise history is doomed to be repeated.  Read the book “The Art of War.”

In that respect, we still think that Russia will deliver a severe response to the House of Saud or one of its minions.  The house of Saud and its partners have gone out of their way to promote the most extreme form of Islam, and they are now seething with Rage that Russia has entered into Syria, destroying all their finely laid plans forever.  Iran and Russia will be the new kingpins in the Middle-East and when (not if) China Joins this group, the hands of time will change direction for the next 100-200 years. In other words, the U.S, Saudi Arabia and all the other agents of destabilization will be relegated to the dustbin of time. Bibi is not making a smart decision by holding talks with Insane Erdogan. [/color-box]

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