French Town Honors Anti-EU Sentiment

Brexit Street-French Town Honors Anti-EU Sentiment

French Town Celebrates Anti-EU Sentiment: A Growing European Trend

Updated July 2023

A French town’s recent actions have gained attention in reflecting the mounting anti-EU sentiment across Europe. The Eurobarometer poll uncovered a notable shift in public perception, with more than half of the respondents in France and Germany, a substantial 51 per cent, expressing deep pessimism about the EU’s future. This sentiment resonated even more strongly in Greece (70 per cent), Cyprus (54 per cent), and Hungary (52 per cent). It’s a stark indicator that the EU’s “index of optimism” has plummeted to its lowest point since spring 2013, marking a significant 16-point decline since spring 2015.

Conducted by the European Commission, the survey unveiled that only 34 per cent of Europeans hold a positive view of the EU, down by three percentage points since autumn 2015. Conversely, the proportion of those with a negative perception of the EU has risen to 27 per cent during the same period.

Over the past six months, the EU’s positive image has eroded in 20 member states, with particularly significant drops in Romania (down 15 per cent), Croatia (down 14 per cent), and Lithuania (down 10 per cent).

Amid this backdrop, a French town’s decision to honour anti-EU sentiment is a poignant symbol of a growing European trend. As discontent with political leadership continues to simmer, this sentiment reverberates along England’s coastline and resonates with the broader population who remain steadfast in their support for Brexit.

The prevailing sentiment remains largely unchanged in these coastal communities, which we explored during a 14-day tour. Residents still overwhelmingly desire to depart from the EU, echoing the national sentiment revealed in recent polls.

Anti-EU Sentiment: A Resonating Wave Across Europe and Coastal England

In a broader European context, anti-EU sentiment is on the rise, as reflected in the actions of a French town. This sentiment is not isolated but mirrors a significant shift in public perception across the continent. The Eurobarometer poll reveals that more than half of respondents in France and Germany express deep pessimism about the EU’s future, setting the stage for a broader discussion on the state of the European Union.

This disillusionment with the EU is further amplified in Greece, Cyprus, and Hungary, where most citizens share these sentiments. The decline in the EU’s “index of optimism” underscores the profound shift in how Europeans view the Union.

Conducted by the European Commission, the survey paints a sad picture, with only 34 per cent of Europeans holding a positive view of the EU. This decrease is accompanied by a simultaneous rise in those with negative perceptions.

The French town’s choice to honour anti-EU sentiment is a powerful symbol of this growing trend. We encountered similar views as we travelled along England’s coastline, highlighting the deep-seated desire for Brexit among coastal communities. This sentiment echoed in recent national polls, underscores the persistent divide in the UK regarding its future relationship with the EU.

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