German president states Brexit is irresponsible; has he lost his marbles

German president states Brexit is irresponsible


German president states Brexit is irresponsible

In a provocative speech delivered at the European Parliament, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Britain would not be able to “make its voice heard” once it leaves the EU.

“It is wrong to say, in my conviction, that in this world a single European country standing alone and without the EU can make its voice heard or assert its economic interests”, he said. “Quite to the contrary.”

“If we, as Europe, don’t become fully fledged partners on the world stage we will all individually become the plaything of other powers and I suspect that is what Michael Heseltine, a Briton of all people, was thinking when he recently said in an interview that Brexit was the biggest loss of sovereignty he can recollect, and he may be right.”

“Populists paint the world black and white and turn fears into political capital”, he said. “Take back control is a strong slogan that we hear everywhere. Nationalists are unable to deliver it and if it can be delivered at all, it is something we can only do together. Full Story

Brussels ‘irresponsible’ for flagging risks of no-deal Brexit, says Raab

In an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Raab described a document published by Brussels last week that highlighted the risk of the UK leaving the EU without an agreement as “obviously an attempt to try and ramp up the pressure”.

He said the UK was preparing for all eventualities, and that more information about the planning would be made public later in the year in a series of “technical notices” the government would publish.

The EU published a 17-page paper for member states urging them to intensify preparations for all eventualities on Thursday, as Raab travelled to Brussels for his first meeting with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier.

Among other issues, it highlighted what a no-deal Brexit would mean for citizens. “There would be no specific arrangement in place for EU citizens in the UK, or for UK citizens in the EU,” it said. Full Story

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