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What Is Fiat Money: USD Is Prime Example Of Fiat

  What Is Fiat Money Every single currency out there today would fall under the category of fiat money. The aim of central bankers is to debase the currency and in doing so provide humungous benefits to a select few. Mass psychology clearly indicates that the crowd always finishes last because like the prisoners in … Read more

Yield Curve Fears As Treasury Yield Curve Inverts

Treasury Yield Curve Inverts A lot of noise is being made up about the inverted yield curve and how it is signal that a recession is inevitable. First of all, remember what we have been stating all along: after 2009, everything changed. Free market forces are dead, and therefore, one cannot assume what worked in … Read more

SSE Composite Index: Is It Ready To Breakout or Crash Again

SSE Composite Index: Breakout Or Breakdown The SSE Composite index has put in a lower high as indicated in the picture, and the momentum could change at any point as it appears poised to test its lows again. If 2920 is taken out on a monthly basis, it should lead to a series of new … Read more

Current Stock Market Trends: Embrace Strong Deviations

Current Stock Market Trends: Embrace Strong Corrections No change in volatility readings this week, but we see big changes in sentiment and the anxiety index is also confirming the move. Now once again you get to see in real-time that the best time to buy stocks is when the masses are panicking. It is in … Read more

Market Insights: October Stock Market Crash Update

October Stock Market Crash It takes no effort to panic and that is why there is no reward, but it takes effort to remain calm in the face of panic and that is why the rewards are usually very high.  Mass Psychology has a very clear stance on this position; stock market crashes are nothing … Read more

BTC Price: What’s Next For Bitcoin

BTC Price Trends Before we get into the meat of this article, let’s examine what some of the bulls and bears are saying, let’s start off with the bullish scenario If the pattern of the last two rallies repeats, Bitcoin could rise to $60,000 to $400,000 before crashing 85% again. But today’s crypto market is … Read more

BTC Update: Will Bitcoin Continue Trending Higher

BTC update The zone of strong support has moved up, and it now falls in the 6000-6300 ranges. A monthly close above 11,000 will shift this strong zone to 6500.  There is a weak layer of support that comes into play in the 10,200-10,500 ranges. A weekly close below this level should lead to a … Read more

Stock Market Forecast For Next 3 months: Up Or Down?

Stock Market Forecast For Next 3 months Stupidity begets more stupidity; it is really surprising to see how the masses still place so much faith in these silly forecasts when it has been proven time and again, that most experts know next to nothing. In fact, monkey’s with darts fare better than most experts; that … Read more

Gold Charts In Multiple Currencies: Should You Get Into Gold

Yen Gold Charts Before looking at Gold and where it might head to let’s look at how Gold is faring in multiple currencies. If this bull has legs, then it should be trending higher over a basket of currencies.   When one takes a look at the charts of Gold in various currencies, the first … Read more

Bull Market Example: This Market Is The Best Example Of A Bull Market

Bull Market Example:  This Market Is A Perfect Example The volatility indicator (image on the right) experienced another 400 point drop, and hopefully, this trend continues as the reading are still well above the overbought range, which starts at 4500.  Another 600-900 point should lead to a noticeable drop in market volatility, and it could … Read more