Anti-government protests in Poland over EU and democracy

Pro and anti-government protests in Poland over EU and democracy
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[color-box color=”blue”]This article provides some rather interesting perspectives but before we get to it, we would like to present you with an excerpt to an equally interesting article: Fear mongers are parasites that profit from your fear

We will keep this short and sweet.   Fear mongers have one thing in common; they pretend to have your interests at heart, but all they are looking for is to find a way to milk you out of your hard-earned money. Fear has to be avoided under any circumstance when it comes to investing. It is a detestable emotion that just sucks you dry. It takes and gives nothing back in return. When the crowd panics, one should resist the urge to become one with fear and the crowd. We are not in the jungle and fear is a useless emotion when it comes to making money in the markets. Get rid of it or it will get rid of you. Fear is a parasitic emotion; the only good parasite is a dead parasite. So shoot to kill when it comes to fear

In 2011, from the high to low the Dow shed roughly 16.2% or 2,070 points.  Now, depending on your entry point, this could have been a mild correction or crash. If you purchased right at the top, then the experience could have been crash-like for you.   Just because you think it’s a crash does not necessarily signify that your perceptions, that are being overwhelmed by fear are correct.[/color-box]


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