Will the Nasdaq Crash in 2017-sentiment is far from positive so probably not

Nasdaq Crash; Well if you wait for this market to crash, you will three times as much because more money is made during bull runs.  You can make money shorting the markets, but bull markets provide far better returns.

The masses know nothing when it comes to the Markets. The masses will always lose; you can see this from the tulip mania to the last bubble which was the Housing bubble, and they will lose again when this bull market finally drops dead from exhaustion.

Nasdaq crash might or might not happen. Focus on the Trend and not the noise. 

So the first thing you want to do is look at the history of the markets and see what the masses did every time there was a panic. Go back to the 1929 crash, the 1987 crash, the Nasdaq crash or Dot.com bust, the financial crisis of 2008, etc.; there are many other periods in between that you can use to glean data from.  Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it again and again. Alternatively, as they say, those that bite the hand that feeds them are doomed to lick the boot that kicks them.

Nasdaq crash when it does occur should be viewed as a buying opportunity 

When you study history, you will see that the main driving force in the market is emotion. Hence if you understand the emotion, you will know what position you should take. When the masses panic, you should buy, when the masses are happy you should sell.   Mass psychology is the study of mass emotion. If after doing the above you are interested in studying this subject, we have put up a lot of data on Mass Psychology and the markets.

You can use a good stock screener such as Finviz to spot good investments based on your criteria, but as stated history and mass psychology are the two most important areas, you should consider focusing on. After that, the rest is relatively easy.

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